Embrace Colors of Peace Embracing Artist's Journey Book

Join me on my adventures into emotional and spiritual expression through paint and collage. This book features work from my earliest explorations with my intuitive method until more recent works that Embrace the Colors of Peace.

Allegory, Identity, Series, Pilgrim's Progress, Spiritual Warfare, Journey

A dreamer once hid inside a very ordinary package of reason. When she was small, she dreamed big dreams, both while asleep and awake. However, if she told those dreams to anyone, they dismissed them and made fun of her. Ashamed and confused, she tucked her dreams inside and no longer visited them.

Until the moment that changed everything.

A short book of fiction.

Accessing Spiritual Inheritance Generational Healing Destiny Restoration

My Second book! A collaboration with friends that’s been amazingly fun! It’s also received all 5 star reviews so far and people are having good success when implementing the strategy we outline.

 Book Increased Joy Hope Peace Workbook Spiritual Healing Emotional

My first book – expanded workbook edition of my freedom guide. Keep moving forward into greater realms of freedom!

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