Intro to Mixed Media Class

In this class, I cover the basics of the techniques for preparing your surface, applying paint, stamping, and collage.  When you sign up for the newsletter, you will receive a suggested supply list.  I now have collage materials packs in my store so you can have a variety of items without the hassle of rounding them up, or the problem of storing the excess (it can rather take over if you’re not careful!).

Session 1:

Session 2:

Session 3:

Session 4:

Session 5:

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Did you have fun getting started?  Want a more structured class to get you going?  I now have my “Taste & Paste” classes available online.  In 6 short sessions I can walk you through the creation of a piece from start to finish for only $25.  More information on the pieces/classes available currently are on the Classes page.