New Beginning…

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I am making a bit of a shift in the focus of this blog, or maybe a better word would be expansion…broadening it to include many aspects of my life and adventures, not just those of my artwork.  Although, I can’t say that they won’t be without their share of the artistic!

This past Friday, May 29, 2015, I purchased a house that sits on technically 4.5 lots, but as they are quite narrow, it gives the appearance of 2 lots.  I have plenty of space to have my orchard and garden, but more on that later.  Unless there is information at the local museum, there is no definitive information as to the age of the house.  But, it is guessed to be (by my realtor, inspector, and local contractor) around 100 years old, give or take.  It’s been updated at various times throughout the years, so it’s sure to be an adventure.  Given it’s age, it is in quite good shape, and has newer plumbing, electrical, heating and air-conditioning  (Yay!!!).  However, there are, of course, various issues that need to be addressed.  And many that I want to address, and to make it mine!

The house is primarily a rectangle, with the kitchen jutting out a bit to the north.  The house faces west.  As you enter the front door, the bedrooms are all on the south side of the house with the bathroom between the west and middle bedrooms.  You can make a complete circle around the inside of the house, as there are doors everywhere.  The kitchen is directly behind the living room, and the back door and laundry hook ups are in that room.

As this is a small town, people don’t want to know the address of the home you purchased, they want to know who used to live there.  The woman who lived in this house is reported to have been over 100 years old when she passed.  She was much beloved by the community, and even though I won’t mention her here, I wish to respect her memory.  Many of her choices in decorating are not mine, but were not all that uncommon at the time they were installed.  As far as I know, things were done well when they were done.  Therefore, I would ask that all comments be respectful…..of my choices, too, in fact!  😉

In the following photos, you can see the four rooms that were carpeted.  All the furniture that you see was left behind, and is now mine to do with what I will.

And, after several hours of carpet removal:

I started in the living room, but then realized that I needed to put the furniture somewhere, so I moved to the west bedroom.  The middle and west bedrooms were the last, and there was a lot of dirt under the carpet in those 2 rooms.  You can see a bit of water damage in the top left corner of the west bedroom.  That’s the wall shared with the bathroom, so I assume they had a leak at some point.

The bathroom has linoleum and the kitchen has laminate.  With the water damage that came under the wall of the bathroom, I’m a bit nervous about what I’ll find under there.  But, if it’s super horrible, then rearranging the bathroom will be much easier.  The kitchen floor is pretty new, but, since I know that the original hardwood is under there, I’ll be taking it out.  I’m not sure how to remove laminate without damaging it, or if it’s even possible, but I’ll be trying.

It’s not visible in this picture of the living room, but it looks like there was once a partition of some sort in between what would have been the living and dining areas.  The house has some features of a craftsman-style house, so I wonder if the half wall book case partitions were there originally.  I’m hoping the museum will have photos of the house as it was originally.  I’m not certain I want to replace the partitions, but I do think I want to rearrange things to return the dining room to it’s location beside the kitchen.  The kitchen is large enough to be an eat-in, but as I like to cook, I think I would prefer an island….  But, all of this is just dreaming right now.  My main goal at this point is to get the messiest projects done before I move in.  Once I live there for a while, I’ll know better how the house flows and how I want to use it.

Next on the adgenda:  Apply for my water to be turned back on.  The gas company is coming to turn on the gas Monday.  I’ll be getting the tack strips and staples up from the carpet and possibly beginning getting up the flooring in the bathroom and kitchen.

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