Poly, part 2

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The humidity really slowed things up for me.  I’m used to the desert, and one in the drought for the most part.  Normally, I can apply 3 coats of poly in about a day and a half with allowing it to dry for 8-10 hours in between.  This time, the first coat dried overnight, bout 12 hours or so, but the second coat took about 24 hours to dry enough to walk on it.  And the third coat took a couple of days before I felt comfortable walking on it.  Although the delay was a bit frustrating, the results are worth it, I think!

You might notice that one room is missing….  The west bedroom is the one that had the water stain in it.  (See here for more information about that.)  Where I treated the stain, the poly did not want to dry.  All three coats of the rest of the rooms had dried before that section of the floor dried enough to not be super sticky.  My assumption is that the treatment hadn’t dried completely, so it was all trying to dry at the same time.  I still have not done more than the first coat in there.  I decided that probably letting it dry really, really well first would be a good idea.  It means that I will have to sand before I put the next 2 coats on, but, I was concerned that I would have more serious issues if I did not.

You can see that the water stain is still visible, but you have to really look for it, which I think is pretty good.  You can also see that the floors develop a depth and richness from the three coats of poly.  Although, I do like the less-shiny appearance of fewer.

Yes, you can get poly that is satin finish.  However, there are downsides to that.  Poly is super shiny inherently.  To get it to lose some of that shine, they add flatteners to it to knock down the shine.  In addition to flattening the shine, it also can “muddy” the finish, in that you can’t see the wood grain as distinctly.  Also, the flatteners diminish the hardness of the surface, so that it is more susceptible to wear and tear.  I had considered trying a semi-gloss finish, but the brand that came highly recommended only has gloss or satin.  Since I have a (very cute and sweet, but large) dog, and I’m not super fond of reapplying poly, I went with the more resilient surface.  It’s been my experience that the high shine doesn’t last very long anyway, although this is a new product, so we’ll see.

I got all excited about beginning to paint the cabinets in the kitchen while waiting for the floors to dry….  I went to get them wiped down and prepped, and discovered that there is a lot of shelf liner in them, sometimes a couple of layers.  There are all different types and colors and patterns….some of it fairly easy to get off, and some, not so much.  I’ve read that using a hair dryer to loosen the glue will be helpful….so I’ll try that next.

I’m planning on painting them white inside and out.  Clean and classy…..emphasis at this point on clean!  After a while, I may paint the outsides a color, but the insides are such a pain, that I want something that will be good with whatever.  Chances are good that I won’t ever haul everything out of them to paint the insides once I get things in there!  Well, “ever” is a close cousin to never, and I very much try and avoid that word…..

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