Trip to Michigan: Acquisition of Wood!

I made an unexpected trip to Michigan last week.  My dad was ill and in the hospital.  I’m happy to report that he’s doing much better and is now home.  I’ll be headed home in a few days.

While I’m here, I couldn’t resist going to an Amish saw mill.  You never know for sure what they will have available.  This time there was pine, oak and ash.  I was delighted to discover that they had a mixture of ash and oak.  I didn’t take any photos there partly because I forgot, and partly out of respect.

Today, I returned with trailer in tow and a couple of the guys loaded it for me.


I took a picture when I got back.  The trailer is 8′ and the boards are nominally 8′, but clearly are quite a bit longer than that. My mom has acquired a couple of cats who are very friendly and curious.  They jumped in to take a look.

The wood is rough sawn, and wet.  When I get home, I’ll stack and sticker it so it will hopefully dry straight.  It will take several months at least.  When sufficiently dried, I can mill it and use it for built-ins around the fireplace and some of the moldings in the house, or whatever else strikes my fancy!


This is ash from the same mill that I used on the countertops in my old kitchen.  I had a lot of wood in that house, too!  This is in progress, clearly, since the sink in missing.  I couldn’t find a finished photo.  Ash has a very similar grain pattern to oak, so I’ll be able to use them interchangeably in my house now.

One of the fun things about coming back, is getting fabulous food from friends and relatives who have orchards and gardens.  This is a carrot from my aunt’s garden.


Dainty little thing, isn’t it?!  It was quite tasty, too!