Second Bathroom – Demolition phase

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As I mentioned earlier, my plan is to convert the two closets for the front two bedrooms, into a second bathroom.  Wednesday, I began the demolition.  I wasn’t entirely sure what I would find, but there’s no way to know without trying!

The photo on the left is, or rather was, the closet for the middle bedroom. The photo on the right was the closet for the front/west bedroom.  You can see that they lowered the ceiling in the front closet, but left it all open in the middle one.  There was also this kind of doorway that you can see, but I’m not sure why.


This is partway through demolition in the middle side.  The shelves and part of the drywall have been removed, and some of that side of the partition between the closets has been removed.  They used some of the siding for the outside of the house as the wall, as well as 1×12 and smaller boards.  They pasted newspapers over the wood, then brown paper, then the drywall.  I found a date of 1934 on some of the newspaper, so I’m guessing that this wall was added shortly after that.


I have most of the paper and drywall off of the walls and ceiling here.  The ceiling had the same type of paper covered cloth on it as the living room.  It had sagged over time, and was very full of dust.  It made a huge mess all through the house, alas!  Had I known it would do what it did, I would have taped a tarp over the openings.  But, alas, no…..


Back on the west side of the new bathroom, this is the paper from the walls and ceiling above the drywall.  The corner jutting into the closet on the right, was a built in closet to hang robes in, I guess, as there were hooks for that inside.  It opened into the current bathroom.


More paper!  At least 2 layers under the drywall.  I was hoping to be able to leave the robe closet for now, just to have some privacy between the two bathrooms, but it was evidently added after the partition, so I wasn’t able to remove the boards on this side with the robe closet there, so out it came.


Finally, I have it all open!  I was able to leave the door of the robe closet on, so I was pleased with that.  This is after 2 days of demolition.  This morning, I removed the studs of the partition, and all the rest of the drywall and paper.

On the left, is the current view to the west.  The middle is the view to the southwest.  The robe closet door is there, and you can see a wall heater that they had removed all the insides from.  Presumably, that’s what the white wire was from.  My current plan is to move this wall one foot over into the current bathroom.  The right view is the northwest view, which would be the wall the bathroom shares with the living room.

Here is the floor and the ceiling.  Hints to a former division of the space…  This house seems to have been through quite a few revisions over the years.  But, this is very workable.  From what I can see of the wall between the two bathrooms, it should be fairly easy to remove.  The main difficulty will be to move the attic access which is in the current bathroom right beside this wall.  I’ve not been up there yet, so I don’t know If it will be better to move it into the new bath, or what.

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