How to Add Shelves to a Kitchen Cabinet

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I’m finally getting another project in my house done!  It’s not the most exciting one in the world, but it feels good to have something else done on my list of things to do.  It didn’t take all that long, maybe a couple of hours.  I squeezed it in in-between making lighted yard trees and balls for my yard.

In the corner of the kitchen by the back door is a cabinet.  The triangular shape works quite well for home canned goods as it happens.  The only problem is that for some reason there were only 2 shelves, and not very thick ones for the weight of the items I want to store there.  I’m not sure what it’s original purpose was…possibly a coat closet, but for pretty short jackets if so.

kitchen corner cabinet before

I cut 20″ square pieces of 3/4″ plywood, since that was the distance from the front cabinet face and the corner, and then cut them on the diagonal.  The back of the cabinet has a 1×1 board in the corner, so I cut out a one inch square out of the corner of each of the shelves.  I sanded the front edge of the shelves.  I also cut cleats out of 1x2s for the shelves to sit on.  I didn’t use really refined supplies as I plan on replacing all of the cabinets eventually.

I forgot to take pictures of all of the steps, but here are those that I did remember.

I partially put screws into the cleat before I put it up, a handy trick to know when you only have two hands.

kitchen corner cabinet cleat

I screw one of the end screws in at the mark I made on the wall.  Balancing the level on top of the cleat, I screw the other end tightly, and then the others as well.  Doing the same to the other side, and then screwing the shelves to the cleats from the top.

kitchen corner cabinet shelves

Repeat x3 and then load them up!

kitchen corner cabinet done

Yay!  Another project marked off the list.

Although these shelves are pretty rough, this same technique can be used for most shelves inside a cabinet.  If the cabinet is the regular rectangular shape, you would put a cleat along all three sides.  If you paint or stain the cleats to match the sides, they will be nearly invisible.  If you want a more refined appearance, you could use 1×1 or base shoe molding would work with the longest side next to the side and the shorter flat side up.

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