Getting a bit more organized

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I’m sure that none of you ever get overwhelmed with piles of boxes on every side!  My last house had large closets, and when I remodeled the upstairs, I created even more storage space.  I purged a lot of stuff before my move….it was astonishing how much stuff I had accumulated in 12 years!  However, the downside of being someone who likes to do a lot of things, is that all of those things take stuff with which to do them!

The guest room will also be my sewing and craft room.  I have plans to do a murphy bed of some kind and other cabinets/armoires/something for storage.  But, currently, there is just a 3×4′ closet that only has a couple of shelves.  So, I’ve had this stack of boxes against the wall:

stuff in guest bed upload

When my stuff was in storage, I built shelves out of 2x4s to get things a bit more organized.  I can’t figure out how to get her photo here, but I used these plans from Ana White.  Mine were 6′ tall and 12′ long.  They now reside in the garage, and if there wasn’t a bunch of stuff leaning up against them I could show you a picture!  She also has plans for closet systems and such that are built on a similar principal but with 1x4s.  I adapted these plans to build my own.


I had 8 – 6′ 1×12 boards that had been part of a craft booth display at one point, so I built the shelves with that in mind.  You may notice that they overlap a door.  This is the door to the back bathroom.  The guest bath will be in front of (to the left of in this photo) the current bath.  I have 9′ ceilings, so I made the shelves 12 inches apart, which works out well for paper boxes.  The center leg is not centered, so that 3 boxes fit on the left and 2 on the right, like so:


That is seriously a lot of stuff!  Some of those boxes, and most of the tubs have decor items in them, so they will be dwindling as I progress on the house, but this way, I don’t have to shift an entire stack to get to the box that I want!  Yay!  Bonus:  I can see more of my floor!  😉

I made three other shelf units.  I mentioned the guest bath earlier.  It doesn’t exist yet….I’ll do another post shortly on my current plans, but, for now, this may give you an idea:


This is the current layout of the bathroom and closets.  To the left of the closets is the living room, the guest room is where the watermark is, and my bedroom is where all the numbers are.  The current bath is quite awkward currently, but I will be changing that as well.  There is a door from both of the bedrooms, so this is the door that you can see partly covered above.  The closets will be combined, and the wall moved over about a foot, for the guest bath.  At least that’s the current plan.

Since I need to clear out my closet in order to begin the renovation, I built these:

The one on the left is where I’ll be moving my clothes and shoes.  The one on the right, will be for towels and linens and whatever else I find.

And, the last one that I completed, I actually built thinking about my studio.  However, in looking at what’s there versus what else I need, I decided that I would rather have my books unpacked.  I had some roughly 4′ 1×12 boards, so had planned to use them.  I decided that I would see if they would fit in the spot beside the fireplace where I have plans to do builtins.  They fit perfectly!  So this:

book shelf in placePlus all of these:

books in bags upload

Equals this!


Yay!  Every step forward makes this place feel a bit more like a home.  Also, this will give me a good idea of how much shelving space that I will need when I do the permanent built-ins.

These shelves are very quick and easy to build.  I could do a bit of a tutorial, if you would find that helpful?  Comment here and let me know!


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