Living Room Walls and Garage Doors

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One of the things that I’ve been waiting on, in order to get everything out of storage, is to get doors on my garage.  The building had evidently never been intended to have doors, as the opening was 7’3″ high by 19ish feet wide.  So, it wasn’t as simple as placing a phone call.  I called the company to have them come out and tell me what would be required, and handily enough, you frame the opening to the size of the door that you order.  Since I have a large SUV, I went with a wider door than typical.  So, my doors are 9’x7′.

I evidently did not take a photo before the framing was done, so just imagine one big opening instead of 2, and you’ve got it!  I did need to drill into concrete to set the anchors for the base plate of the center support….I did not enjoy that so much.  When I get to the outside of the house, I’ll be filling the gaps and putting on new trim around the doors so that they will look more like they’ve always been there.  I’m also planning on going with more of a green for the exterior, so the sandstone color of the doors will work better.  It isn’t bad now, but, I think it will look better later.

The other thing I tackled since I last posted, is to take out the wall heaters, and to paint the living room.

Here are the heaters in place when I bought my home.  The one in the living room had evidently been disconnected some time earlier, but the one in the studio was still functional, well, in theory.

Other than being somewhat bulky, they were not all that difficult to remove.  Several screws out, and make sure that the gas valve was off and the line disconnected, and that’s it!

Here they are, both removed.  The vent pipe in the living room slid right down and out, but the one in the studio did not, it wedged itself in there, so i decided to leave it.  If you look closely, or not so closely, you can see some charring on the wood behind both of them.  The one in the studio was particularly bad.

studio charring copy

That’s not scary at all!  (She says sarcastically….)  In several places, the wood had been nearly burned all the way through to the drywall on the other side of the wall.  Yikes!

former house color copy

A fun discovery, though, was that this is the color that the outside of the house used to be!  Evidently, the studio is an addition, and the house once had wood siding.  So, I’m somewhat going back in time by painting the house green, although I doubt I’ll go with such a bright color!

Speaking of green…..

After I removed the heaters, I patched the walls where they had been.  I had to scab in some wood for the drywall pieces to attach to, but it wasn’t very difficult to do.  If you look really closely, you can see the patch, but there are other imperfections in the walls from previous patching, etc. so it’s not very noticeable.  I didn’t take any photos of that process.  I’m not super fond of taping and bedding….

But!  I was able to get 2 coats of paint on the walls the night before the movers came with my furniture.

It looks a little bit blue in these photos, and a bit lighter than I think it looks in person.  I’m really enjoying the greater contrast with the fireplace, even though most of it is hidden behind stacks of boxes at the moment!

I still have more of the caulking to do on the ceiling, but, after that, I think the next project in here will be the  baseboards and trim around the doors and window.  I’m loving having my furniture here, though…it feels more like a home than a construction zone!

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