Options for studio walls…

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You may remember, that the east bedroom is going to be my studio.  It had the red carpet and the paneling.

Oh, and the tile on the ceiling…  Maybe I shouldn’t have looked this far back.  It looks like less of a disaster here then it does now!  However…..

I ripped, well, all of the surfaces off, actually!  Floor, walls, ceiling!  I’m kinda wishing now that I had just painted the paneling, but there’s that odd patching at the bottom because my ceilings are 9 foot instead of the 8 that panelling comes in.

Evidently, I haven’t taken too many photos in here, but, you can see that on the east wall, they had taken out a window and covered it up with the panelling.  Also, you can see that they papered the wall up to the mop boards and molding around the doors, which is interesting.  They used some sort of adhesive on the edges of the panelling, so the wall paper tore off with it.  However, it seems fairly well adhered other than that.  There at least 4 layers of wall paper on the walls, so, instead of trying to get it all off, I think I’m just going to work with it.  At least for a temporary fix.

Have you heard of the paper bag floors?  Apparently, they end up looking like leather when they are done.  I’m thinking about doing something similar on the walls.  I have several options, and 2 current favorites.

This is actual brown paper bags from the grocery store:

studio wall brn bag

It is leaning against the current wall paper.  I waxed half of the board, but after it dried a while, you can’t really tell.  Usually people seal this with poly, because they do it on floors.  I think I will seal it with something, just so that it’s easier to clean.  The sealer may darken it a bit and highlight the texture more.

Then, I’ve also seen photos of people doing book pages as wall paper.  There was an abundance of books, especially reader’s digests left in the house and store room, apparently I have an ample supply.  So, I tried them on a board.

studio wall test book

What I’ve seen is mostly like the top, but then I wondered about tearing the edges.  That’s what I usually do in my paintings, so the edges are not as pronounced as the hard line of the cut page.  I also wondered if I would like it better, if I staggered the pages, like you might do with tile.

Since I’ve been unpacking boxes of dishes….  I collect several different types.  It’s quite a heavy hobby when it comes to moving it all somewhere else!  I used end rolls of newspaper to use as packing.  It’s lighter weight and lighter in color than the brown paper, so I wondered if I would like it done in the same way.

studio wall test newsroll

This is on a scrap of drywall, so you can see that it dries a bit more transparent than perhaps will work for my needs.  I was curious if a light stain would do anything, so that’s why half is blue.  I was less than impressed.  This is my least favorite of the three.

studio wall options 3

What do you think?  Do you have a favorite?  They left an entire set of encyclopedias, so I had thought of using those, but then, that might be to crazy busy.

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