Update long overdue….

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Since last I posted, I have been doing pretty much exactly what I had said.  I’ve unpacked quite a few boxes and tubs, washed the things, and then put them away.  It got a bit overwhelming at one point, because it’s hard to know where things will go best.  As I’m sure many of you know, I like to do things right…..only there really isn’t a “right” way to stash stuff in your cabinets.  There is only the way that works best for you, and you may not know what that is going to be until you cook there and live with it for a while.  So, I decided that the important thing was to get it somewhere, and to worry about the best place later.

I have, however, at last finished painting the kitchen cabinets.  Here is where I left them as of last post:

And here they are now!

Fridge side
Fridge side

The metal sink cabinet appeared to have been painted on the outside, so I used the same paint on it as I did the cabinets.  I used oil-based paint.  The inside does not appear to have been painted before, so I will need to get some metal paint that will help prevent/cover rust.

It’s so much brighter in there now!  To review:


The “curtain” is a linen tablecloth that I pinned up until I decide what I want for sure.  Although, I am liking the pop of color!  And, for those eagle eyes among us, yes, I also reversed the direction that the fridge opens.  That will save several steps….  Also, yes, that is indeed a printer on top of the fridge….I still do not have my furniture here, other than my bed and some folding tables and chairs, so that was a handy place not on the floor.

Hopefully the furniture will be moved on Tuesday.  The hold-up has been the garage doors…..as in there are none.  A lot of the stuff in storage, and in the front of the unit, alas! needs to go in the garage, but leaving it unsecured does not seem to be a brilliant plan.  The garage was evidently never intended to have doors, so I had to get a bit creative to frame in the opening for them.  But, that’s now been done, and the installers were supposed to come either today or Monday…..  I’m hoping for Monday since it’s now after 5pm.  I have the movers scheduled for Tuesday at 8am….but may need to postpone.  I warned them when I scheduled that I was at the mercy of the garage door installers.  I’m praying to have everything out before or at least by the end of the month.

The upside of a short delay for the movers, is that I may be able to paint the living room and dining room before they come.  I ordered a rug for the living room over the weekend.  I decided that I wanted to wait to choose a paint color until I received it.  It was supposed to be delivered on Wednesday.  I checked the tracking that morning, and it said that it was delivered.  I went to bring it in, and found….no rug!  I called the company, and they started an investigation.  But then, last night, there was a knock at the door.  A woman was there asking if I was Alice.  Since I am, she said that I had a package at a house that her mom owns.  It is directly across the street from me, but no one lives there, or goes there often, evidently.  The woman had been there because her cousin was in town and wanted to see it.  I think they are fixing it up to be a showplace of some kind.  Not only did she come to find me, and tell me it was there, but she walked over and helped me carry it across the street!  Yay for friendly neighbors!  So, I now have my rug!

Living room rug upload

Please excuse the boxes!  😉

Here’s the color of paint I’m thinking about using:

Potential paint color living room

It looks odd in the photo, but in person, it is the same color as the lighter greens in the carpet….or maybe I should say that the greens in the carpet are closer to the paint swatch.  The rug looks a bit brighter in color in the photos, it’s more muted in person.  I don’t usually go for that bold of a color on my walls, but with the fireplace brick being what it is, anything light looked pretty blah.  So, I’m grabbing my courage and going for color!  With that rug, I could go with anything, but for some reason, my heart is set on green.

The other project I’ll share with you today, is the living room ceiling.  It is constructed of shiplap boards, most of which are no longer lapped, assuming they ever were…  When I was at the paint store, the guy there recommended a clear acrylic caulk.  He didn’t have any in stock, so he sent me to another store (both independent stores).  The guy there thought 2 tubes would be plenty, so I got 3 just to be safe…..  I don’t think he quite got the vision for what I was doing, because that was woefully inadequate!!!  I’m only about halfway done with the living room side.  I went back and got 10 more….hopefully I’ll have a couple left for other projects.

I got started, and this is what it looked like:

Living room ceiling caulk upload

I re-read the tube….it said clear, so I hoped that as it dried it would become more clear, and happily, it did so!

Living room ceiling caulk after 3 days upload

You’ll notice that it is still a bit furry….I’ve tried scrubbing the strings, without success.  I think that, after I finish caulking, I’m going to try burning them off….carefully!  Unless any of you have a better plan?!  The caulking will take quite a while, though….doing the 3 tubes at once was a bit much, my arm was sore for a few days afterwards.  So, I think I’ll try and do 1-2 at a time, with a few days in between.

And, that brings you up to speed on what I’ve been doing!  I’m working on some plans for the rest of the place, but I’ll wait on sharing those until I’m closer to actually doing them.  They are likely to go through several revisions!

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