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A Visual Representation of Your Story is the Perfect Gift

Show the essence of your story as a remarkable, landmark, bespoke art piece. Your words, images, ephemera, and my brush will create a memory like no other. Not only do I listen to your words, but I listen for the heart, soul, and spirit behind them so that the truest substance of your story can be told.

  • Do you need a gift that’s new and different for a special person?
  • Do you want to tangibly express your love or appreciation for someone with a gift because words just aren’t enough?
  • Do you want a souvenir that indelibly marks your heart with the memories and emotions of a wedding, graduation, or anniversary?

Imagine the joy on that special day with a gift that lasts a lifetime.

I would love to tell your story with these bespoke mixed media acrylic paintings perfect for all gift giving occasions. Completed entirely in the studio or partially live (at events only), these pieces are customized and totally unique to each person and/or event.

special window custom painting unique gift

An Element from a Special Location

I can help you express what is on your heart and in your mind in color, texture, and design. Paintings express more than words, and last infinitely longer. They inherently express the emotions behind the words.

These works are powerful symbols of appreciation for dedication and hard work, the excitement of a new life together, the celebration of many years behind and more to come, the pride of achievement of a long-awaited goal, and many other seminal events.

Do any of these sound like you or someone you know?

mixed media embellished commissioned gift celebrate painting

Items with Personal Symbolism

Are you a groom has a hard time expressing his love for his bride in words? Now, she has a glorious painting that embodies all that you feel. Or perhaps you’re the bride!

Are you a couple who wants a unique representation of your vows and special day to remind you of the joy that’s to come in future years?

Are you a public servant or  owner/manager of a non-profit who wishes to recognize significant donors with a unique gift and expression of your thanks and appreciation?

Are you in a family who wishes to celebrate the long-awaited achievement of a degree, or a business, or other significant goal now realized with the perfect gift?

Do you or a loved one own a business and want a landmark painting celebrating years in business or to honor an important retiree?

one of a kind bespoke painting

Actual Notes from Loved Ones

Are you in a family who wishes to honor their parents and grandparents after 20, 35, 50, etc. years of marriage?

The pieces are as varied as the reasons why you are celebrating.

Together, we can tell the story of your loved one and give them an experience that will never be forgotten.

Order your piece here. I’ll be in touch for more information about your gift. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions and to discuss how I can help you give the perfect gift.

Gift certificates are also available, in case you don’t want to make the entire decision on your own. Or maybe there’s not enough time before your event, birthday, or holiday. I only have a few spots available each year, so get your order in quickly.


Wedding painting gift for couple Present Hope Peace Love

photo by: John Wirick Photography

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