Archway to Peace – Springs Prayer Summit


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Painted during the Springs Prayer Summit – prints available for a short time. Original 24×36 acrylic on board.

While working on this piece, I was reminded that there is a time to pray fervently and there is also a time to rest and know that the Lord has heard every prayer. Revelations speaks of bowls in heaven that hold the prayers of the saints. Not one had been forgotten or lost. Even if the answer didn’t come when or as expected, the prayers still accomplished something. It’s a good reminder to me to pray in faith, pray knowing that God hears every word.

Leave all your concerns and all the weights that you are carrying and enter into the rest in the glory. All the prayers you’ve prayed have been kept in the bowls. Not one has been forgotten. Leave them there. Don’t worry about them. But trust and rest. It’s closer than you think.

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