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Have You Felt Helpless With Local, National, And World-Wide Events?
Do You Want A More Comprehensive Prayer Strategy?

That was me most of 2020. Early in the year, I started a series of digital paintings I called Peace in the Storm. I started it before Covid-19 effected my area much, and quickly realized that it was divinely strategic. But the year and the craziness kept going on and on and on. And, I got a little overwhelmed last fall. 

And, then I got moving. I started doing a series of paintings that is still ongoing that I called Artful Prayers. My mentor, Matt Tommey, talks about being part of an army of artists. And something in my spirit rose up and planted a stake in the ground and said, “This is how I fight!” 

What I’ve discovered in this process, that I’m excited to share with you in this class, is that instead of feeling helpless, I feel powerful to effect change in my world. It’s given me clarity to focus on what I can do and not worry about what I can’t. 

I’ve regained my peace, strength, and courage and I invite you to join me on this artful prayer adventure to discover a powerful tool for change in your life and your world.

What Are Artful Prayers?​

While the Artful Affirmations were focused internally with things we are focused on or wanting to see breakthrough and change in for ourselves, Artful Prayers turn the focus outward to those people and places that surround us.  We’ll still address the 5 areas: mind, soul, heart, spirit, and body.

But I’ll show you how to create pieces that focus on individuals that you know need prayer. You’ll create pieces for your friends and family. You’ll create pieces for your city and other local communities such as churches, businesses, and organizations. You’ll create pieces for your state (province or other similar division your country uses) greater community such as professions, denominations, or larger organizations you’re part of or interested in. You’ll create pieces for your nation and the world.

You might be wondering how do I pray for the heart of my city? How do I pray for the spirit of my church? How do I pray for the body of my nation? Well, I have some ideas about those that I’ve been using in my own Artful Prayers. Not only am I expectant to see change and breakthrough manifest in the areas I’m praying for, but I’ve been able to stay focused and at peace even when watching the news! I don’t do that often, and I’m choosy about who I listen to, but now the news is truly fodder for prayer and not cause for anxiety and stress. 

What would it look like if you created artful prayer pieces and gave them to the frontline personnel in your community? Can you imagine the impact of multiple artful prayers targeting a national or worldwide issue? How much peace would you be able to bring your friends and family by a lovingly and prayerfully created work of art just for them? Even if they never see the piece, the shift in your ability to pray with creativity and hope is a powerful tool. 

This Class is for you if . . .

9 - Weekly Lessons

We’ll cover how to create pieces and pray for the mind, soul, heart, spirit, and body of 9 categories of people, groups, and places. If you create 5 pieces for each of the 9 categories, that’s 45 in a little over 2 months! So many powerful prayers!

Open Studio Times

Come and go times to ask questions, get feedback, or just create together live on zoom!

Access To All The Artful Affirmations Lessons

I’ll move all the Artful Affirmations Lessons inside the class so you’ll have ongoing access to them in a convenient location.

A supportive community

Post your work, get feedback, agree with each other in prayer, and celebrate breakthroughs in a private forum.

Plus - an opportunity to have your work published in a book!

Enrollees in the class will have the opportunity to submit your work and prayers for at least one book of Artful Prayers to be published in 2021.

Details to come inside the class!

Plus - More advanced painting techniques you might like to try

My preferred medium is mixed media, although I’ve also recently worked in watercolors and digital painting. I’ll have special demonstrations on these techniques as well as discussions about when and why you might prefer to use one versus another.

Create Artful Prayers for Individuals Friends Family Communities Cities States Provinces Nations the world!

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A few Artworks I created using the information and revelation I'll teach in the class.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will this take?

One lesson per week for 9 weeks, you can spend anywhere from 30 min a week or 15-30 minutes per day or more. It's really up to you and what you want to do. I love creating 5 pieces for each category, but have also done all 5 areas for each category like I'm doing in my series of the US States and Territories.

Do I need to buy special supplies?

Not at all. Use whatever you have on hand. Notebook paper and colored pencils or crayons or even just a pencil or pen will work just fine! You can also use collage materials if you like.

How long will I have access?

For an entire year. 365 days!

When will the open studio times be?

Tentatively scheduled for Fridays from 3-5 US Central time, twice a month. If no one can meet then, we'll look at other times.

I'm not an artist, can I still join?

Absolutely! You are made in the image of the Creator, so you are creative enough to do this.

Do you do these every day?

Most days, I've been finding it very helpful to do these as prayers for myself and others. You can see many of these on IG with #ArtfulPrayers

Do I have to share my work?

Not if you don't want to. Do what makes you comfortable. Sharing with others is a great way to be a part of an encouraging community, but it is certainly not required.

When will the lessons start?

The first lesson will be available Monday, February 8, and you'll have another lesson each Monday for 8 more weeks.

What if I change my mind?

You'll have 7 days to decide if the class is for you. If not, just let me know and I'll refund you!

What Students in other classes say about Alice

I left confident!
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I recently took an online class taught by Alice Briggs. She was professional, knowledgeable, and organized. And she can clearly explain complex topics. I left her class feeling confident that I could successfully complete a project that I’d previously considered hiring someone else to do. I plan to take more classes from her. - PC
Alice is helpful and informative.
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I was fortunate to have a beta slot in a class that Alice Briggs was teaching. It was so helpful and informative. She covered things from start to finish, to make certain that everyone, on every level could understand. She also managed to do all that without it being dull (which is such a plus!) Looking forward to more classes from her.
I recommend any class...
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Before working with Alice I had a functional site. She taught me how to add plugins, build a store, and use a theme that is pleasing to the eye. Now, I have an interactive site with increased traffic and engagement. I highly recommend taking any class she offers.
Gave me confidence!
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I was intimidated by the thought of building a merch store for my website. Alice explained every element needed in an easy to follow manner giving me the confidence and knowledge to create my online store. I would take any course offered by Alice in the future. - Fatima Fayez
Rejection Trashed!
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I was struggling with rejection. To use Alice's words I was experiencing a tremendous amount of "head trash" and I needed help to trash it, compost it. I had read Alice's books and blog, which were helpful, but I needed more. ... Alice is Spirit led and for me that was why what she offered worked. -LT


Alice has been using her creativity to bring health and healing to herself and those around her for many years. Her work is hung in homes internationally and she has taught many classes locally and online. God gave her a strategy for how to pray for situations in her own life and nation and she will be sharing part of that with you in this 9 week class. 

Create Artful Prayers for Individuals Friends Family Communities Cities States Provinces Nations the world!

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