Painting in, during and as Worship

For several years now, I’ve been hearing about, and sometimes seeing, painters on stage producing work during the worship time.  Depending on the place, this happens either regularly or during special events such as conferences.  I have been very curious about how this works…what is it like?  How does it work?  Is the artist performing, or rather leading worship?

I have not been able to ask any of the artists who do this about their process.  Do they get a picture and then paint it?  Does the painting develop along the way?  What medium do they use?  Do you start and complete each piece during one worship set?  I suspect, that the answers would be as varied as the artists themselves.

Recently, I was in Lubbock, TX, and I had the opportunity to try “spontaneous painting”…..or whatever it might be called.  My friend, Doug Stone, at the Lubbock International House of Prayer, very graciously allowed me to come and paint during a couple of their worship sets.

prophetic spontaneous live painting, angels
Spontaneous, live painting of angels completed during worship at Lubbock International House of Prayer.

During the first worship set, I painted this piece with the angels.    They seemed to descend on the pathways of our praises and worship as it was ascending.  They each carry a sword….armed and dangerous!

There was a gap that night in between the worship sets for a training, so after I finished the painting above, and before the first set ended, I applied some collage onto the second board so that it could be drying during the gap.  (I find that getting collage materials too wet does not lead to great happiness on my part or a very successful painting!)  I then completed the piece during the second set.

Live, spontaneous, prophetic painting
Spontaneous, live painting, abstract with leaves, completed during worship at Lubbock International House of Prayer

I had a lot of fun, and I was able to enter into the painting process and worship.  It felt as if I was painting what they were singing or they were singing what I was painting.  As an experiment, I thought it a great success!

Are you familiar with painting or other artistic expressions during worship?  Have you tried it?  What was your experience?