A Painting in Process, Part 3

You probably didn’t know this would stretch on for so long!  I can’t say that I did, either….but then, I did know that it was a possibility.  Some paintings seem to cooperate, and come to a conclusion quickly, and others are more difficult.

A brief review may be in order here:

For the posts that cover these, you can go here first, and then here.

We left off last time, with the painting looking like this:


I added a bit more paint:


Then decided nothing was coming to me, so I went to my photo stash to see if something stood out.


Several seemed to be possibilities…


But, in the end, I choose the colonnade.  It required quite a bit of sketching in the structure to get the perspective right.  You can kind of see some of the pencil lines here.


Note to self:  try and keep sketching to lighter pieces/areas of a painting!

I started to block in areas of color.  The shadow areas are blue, light areas are yellow, and the mid-range areas are red.


You can start to see the columns and vaulted ceiling leading to the door.  Hopefully next time, I’ll be able to finish it off for you.

Does the length of my process surprise you?  Were you expecting something different?

Piece completed here.