Local painting class and demo update

Well, hello again!  It’s been a while since my last post.  I spent a couple weeks with family and getting my sister moved from CO to TX.  As soon as I returned last week, I had a 2-day painting class taught by Gale Webb.  She’s an amazing local artist who is nationally renown…and happens to be a friend of mine!  We travelled to Italy together for a class and became acquainted then.  She packed a lot into those 2 days, and I thought I would share a little of what I did with you today.

The West Texas Watercolor Society art shows are fairly strict in their guidelines.  They do not allow any “found” papers to be used in pieces entered in their shows.  You can create your own papers to collage with, however, so this was the primary focus of the class.  Some of the techniques I’m familiar with, but I had a blast at the class, and met some wonderful ladies!

We created stamps by using adhesive backed fun foam.  Gale had pieces of foam core board to use as the base.  I used both sides!  She had both pre-made shapes, as well as the sheets that you could cut.


We also used a brayer and put layers of paint onto the paper.  We were using deli papers, and it was amazing how fabric-like the pieces appeared once we had multiple layers of paint on.  The thinness of the paper lends itself well to collage.

carved stamp

She also had some stuff that we could carve to make stamps.  I had never used this stuff before.  It carved really easily, and rumor has it that it’s available at the Varsity Bookstore in Lubbock….

deli papers upload

I came home with quite a stack of interesting collage papers!

class piece

One of the activities that she had us do, was to cut figures out of the papers that we created.  Mine were a bit problematic as they are pretty bold, so the background needed to be a bit more subtle.  I drew and then painted the textured areas so that it would be interesting, but not in competition with the figures.  It’s quite a bit different than my usual work, but I had a great time with.  I’m not sure if this will be a completed painting, but maybe!

And do you still remember the demo piece I started way back when?  (If you need a refresher: here, here, and here.)  The last time you saw it, it looked like this:


I worked on it more today, and now it looks like this:

demo piece nearing completion

I kind of like it like this….although it is much more dreary color-wise than usual for me.  I’ll live with it for a little while.  It’s propped up in my studio, so I can look at it when ever I pass through.  I may decide to soften some of the edges, especially on the ceiling…or maybe not.  What do you think?