Personal Prophecy Paintings in Progress

One of the things that I’ve been playing around with for a number of years now, is hearing the Creator’s voice through my painting.  For a bit of that story, check out one of my first posts here.  As part of that process, I started using my paintings when I was praying for others.  I received good feedback and confirmation that what I received was accurate, which makes sense, I just hadn’t thought about it.

First, I experimented on friends or family of my friends that I don’t know.  It appeared to be a success!

I then made these available for others recently.  You can find out more information here, and order your own here.  These are a few of them in progress.

And two that just got mailed out today!  I pray that they bless their recipients greatly!  The one on the left could be titled Into the Deep, and the one on the right perhaps Adventure.

At some point, I may share some of the words that I received, but that seems a bit invasive just now.  I always include a note with what I heard Creator say to or about the person, along with a brief explanation of my process.  One of the things that I tell them, is to not limit the meaning of the piece to what I hear.  My prayer is that these would be a springboard to hear God more for themselves.