Christmas Lights

In my new home town, they have a train that a couple built and take people for rides on for special occasions.  Most recently, that was the Polar Express.  Last Saturday night, hundreds of people rode the train to look at the lights.  My house was on the route that the train took, the Chamber of Commerce informed me a few weeks before…


My sister helped me, and we developed a plan of attack.  The star and nativity scene, I already had.  I stapled lights on the outside of the nativity scene, so that it would be more visible.

We built the “trees” out of 1x2s.  The pattern we used removed the base, but as we’re in west Texas, we left them attached to weight them down.  You can see the shadow of the weight bags from my festival tent under the four largest ones.  Next year, we will weight down all of them, as the smallest ones kept tipping over.  But, with the bases removed, the trees will collapse small for storage.

We also made the balls that you see, they were not as easy as the Pinterest tutorials led us to believe…but they turned out pretty cute!  We decided to do 3 in graduated sizes and make a snowman.  They are made out of chicken wire and wrapped with twinkle lights.


We attached these three balls to a stake in the ground, and wrapped a scarf around his (her?) neck.  We might try some new things next year…but this was a good beginning!