Happy New Year!

I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season and are excited to begin afresh this new year.  I’ve been enjoying having my tree as my light source when I get up and have my quiet time in the mornings.


There’s something somewhat magical about the glistening lights of a Christmas tree when it’s the only, or nearly the only, light source in a room. I’m always a bit sad to take it down every year.

I keep seeing posts of people doing all kinds of challenges.  A few of my friends have painted 30 paintings in 30 days.  I thought about doing that, but feel sure this would be setting myself up for failure.  For me, there’s a somewhat subtle difference between attempting the impossible and a challenge.  I’m learning how to stay on the correct side of those things.

Sunday morning, I took some time to meet with God a bit more extensively than I typically do.  It was a wonderful and needed time of resetting some things in my heart that had gone a bit askew.  I always enjoy watching BethelTV, and have often created art pieces while listening in during their worship.  It had been a while since I had done so, and after my business with God was taken care of,  I created this piece digitally:


I’m still playing around with this app, and I have a paint brush specifically for touch sensitive screens.  But, I enjoy the fact that I can layer textures and images as I do when painting more traditionally.  I felt that God was saying that He is bringing things into alignment and full circle. Structure for life and growth, but not limits!  I posted the pics on my Facebook page, and several stated that they could see a music score in it as well.  Another saw that it was floating towards heaven.  I love that about abstract pieces, that they can speak something different to different people, and that God can so easily speak to the hearts of those who are open to His voice.

A few weeks ago, I completed this piece during live worship at River of Hope in Muleshoe.  I’ve painted with paints there live before, and I plan to do so again.  It happened to be my birthday that day as well, so it’s a uniquely personal piece in that respect.  Feel free to allow God to speak to you as well, though!  This appears to be an invitation into the deep and into the light!


I’m really feeling more and more pleased with these digital pieces.  I do want to get into the studio and paint with paints as well, but I think that for my challenge, I’ll allow myself the flexibility of the digital pieces.  Keep an eye out here, on Facebook, and on Patreon for updates.

I’ve just recently heard about, and investigated Patreon.  It’s a modern take on an age-old system of patronage for the arts.  I’ve been praying and thinking about things to do for lower price point options for my work, and I’ve decided to give this a try.  My profile is in progress, but feel free to check it out!

My Patreon Profile

I’m excited about the opportunities to get my artwork out there to more people and at a more affordable price for many.  It’s kind of like a kickstarter campaign, or go fund me…except it’s ongoing and based on each piece that I produce and upload.  There’s an option to put a max limit on what is to be given, so I also feel good that my patrons aren’t going to get themselves into financial trouble.

What challenge are you doing this year?  Or are you?