Painting During Worship – River of Hope

Painting During Worship

As I’ve mentioned before, I really enjoy painting during live worship.  Sometimes, I do so with paint on board in front of everyone.  Other times, I am doing so while sitting quietly in my seat and using my iPad.

These are two paintings that I’ve done on my iPad.  When I paint during worship, I don’t start with a particular idea in mind.  I choose colors and textures intuitively.  As I’m working, I find that I’m able to hear God in different ways.  It tends to be in colors, symbols, or in impressions; rather than words.  Towards the end of the piece, and especially after it’s completed, I tend to hear more words that communicate to others.

From time to time, I seem to be painting the “theme”, if there is one, of the worship set.  Once, I felt like I was painting what the worship leaders were singing.  Other times, it feels more like I’m painting what God wants to say to the group.

Painting At River of Hope

This most recent piece, I painted during the worship sets at a weekend open house at the River of Hope in Muleshoe, TX.  That is one of my favorite places.  I wish it wasn’t so far from me so I could attend more often!

They had several speakers for the Saturday evening portion of the festivities, so worship was a bit shorter than typical.  This is where it was at that point.  I started with a blank board.

The partially completed painting at the end of Sat night…

At that time, I had a sense of water, a river, and the angel.  As I was painting the angel’s robe, I felt that he was carrying a gift, so I left the section for the box, and then filled it in. I was curious to see where the painting would take me in the morning.


Completed! The Angel of River of Hope

The next morning, the time seemed to fly by.  I’m not sure if that worship set was shorter than usual as well, but it felt like it!  I was able to highlight some of the details, but I wasn’t sure if the piece was finished when I left or not.  I brought it home, and had to leave town the next day, so had a forced break from the piece.  I got back in town a few days ago, and set the piece up to take a fresh look at it.  I decided, although there are other things that I could do to make the piece better technically, it said what it needed to say.  As that is the point of this type of piece, I declared it finished.  I’m always a bit nervous to overwork a piece…and I’m still learning about this process.

The Meaning, at Least in Part

I believe that the water is rising and God is taking us into deeper places in Him.  There are gifts being given, or at least offered to each of us, as well as to the corporate body.  The packages may be plain and unadorned, but we should not judge the gifts by their insignificant appearance.

The rising water could also symbolize the floods of torment that the enemy brings against us from time to time.  In that case, the Lord sends His angels to cut a path through for us.  If we are faithful and obedient, a way will be made through whatever comes against us.

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Coming Full Circle, Into the Deep, Angel of River of Hope