How to “See” My Art, Part 5

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We’re learning how to interpret art or at least my version!

If you’ve kept up with me thus far, congratulations! Give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. You’re winning!

But, now, let’s put all of this to work. First, I’ll give you a sample template that you can use.

Date: ________

Name of piece:  _____________________________

First, observe:

What are you seeing? ____________________________________

How does the piece make you feel? ____________________________________

Do some parts feel different than others? ____________________________________

What colors do you notice the most? ____________________________________

Does the texture seem significant to you? ____________________________________

What shapes do you notice? ____________________________________

Is there movement? ____________________________________

Are there numbers? ____________________________________

Are there words? ____________________________________

Are the embellishments significant? ____________________________________


Go back and consider the meaning(s) of each of the above, makes notes as appropriate.


Ask Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit, what are you saying to me through this piece?




Application Time: Interpret it!

Okay, are you ready?! Here’s one of my pieces, and my brief interpretation of it. (I’ll put some space between the piece and the interpretation in case you would like to do yours without looking.) Remember, that there is no right or wrong answer here. You are practicing hearing from God in a new way. And, the interpretation may depend on the day and the time and what you need to hear most right now.










My interpretation:

The storms in your life have tried to overtake and overwhelm you. But, you have been faithful to stay true to your purpose and to My words over you. Breakthrough is at hand, and you will begin to see the overflow from the windows of heaven opened over you and raining down. The ripples will go out and many will feel the vibrations of change.

(Excerpt from my second book, details to come.)