Musings on a Soggy Day

It’s been raining a lot here recently… We had been in a drought for many years until it broke last year with massive flooding. Although I’m not exceptionally fond of cloudy weather, I do enjoy rain. Even thunder and lightning, for the most part, I find enjoyable, but I have to say that excess is not such a great thing.

I went to “town” today. And by that I mean that I went to the large city that is where my office is, about a half hour from my house which is in a small town. I’ve been living in the area for about 21 months now, so I haven’t quite figured out all of what happens when it rains. There was generally quite a bit of flooding in the streets¬†when it rained significantly where I used to live. It didn’t do so often, and didn’t last long, so you could generally avoid those areas or wait it out. It’s evidently the same here, only I don’t know where those low-lying areas are to avoid.

I had a client this afternoon, and some errands to run, so I jumped in the car and took off like usual. I planned on hitting the places on the south side of town before my client, and then working my way north and east after. I hit some pretty crazy flooding, but was able to do what I needed to do, and got to my office on time. I was kind of kicking myself for trying to keep on with my plan, but I can get a bit stubborn.

Tonight, when I got home, I saw a few posts on Facebook of the area very near my usual route¬†to get to my office. There was a large white pick-up that was nearly completely submerged in water. You couldn’t see where the roads were, so I don’t know if it was on it or not…but as bad as it was where I was driving, it was nothing like that!

I can’t say that I heard a voice from above that told me to go the way that I did, but I’m thinking that perhaps it was more than just my stubbornness that guided my paths today. I wonder how many times that happens. I wouldn’t have known anything worse was happening except for 1 person’s post that I happened to see…

While I was spending all of that extended time in the car, I was thinking about several things…like you do. The one I started out writing to talk to you about was a result of a combination of things that happened before I left the house. And, that is, the importance of recognizing the importance of each of our voices.

You may or may not know, that I have 2 websites, and 2 blogs. I’m not super great about keeping up with either one, mind you, but they are there. This one is mainly for my artistic and home improvement adventures. The other pertains to my inner healing practice and things of that nature. You can check it out, if you like, here. I mention it, because I have recently published a book, in fact, I ordered the proof copy for the print version this morning…the impetus for this blog post.


It’s a fairly surreal experience to have written this book. I’ve had ideas for other books, and I am still working towards them, but this one kind of came out of left field at me a few months ago. It just kind of evolved. First, I had a one page list of things to give my clients so that they can continue their healing at home. Then, I was encouraged to write blog posts expanding them, and then to compile them into a book. And voila! Here it is!

So, that’s pretty exciting…but what I was thinking about during my watery adventures, was that I nearly didn’t do any of this, because I didn’t really think that I had anything of interest to anyone else to share. I think that most of the things in the book have been written about before. Some in a lot more detail than I’ve gone into. So why write another book?

That’s really the question, isn’t it? Why do something if it’s been done before? Why write a book or paint a painting or write a song or … Because it hasn’t been done by you. You are the piece that’s missing from that equation. Your voice is significant and important. As is mine. What makes my book different than any other that I know of, is that it is very simple and practical. One of the things that I have a hard time with, is when people tell you to do something, but you have no idea what it would look like. So, I tried my best to give the reader a picture of what taking those steps would look like. That’s the piece that is mine, that I had to do.

There is something unique to each of our voices. And, I am convinced, that there are some people who can only hear your voice. The way that you tell your story, the words you choose to describe events, the colors you choose to draw or paint the landscape, the tempo and notes you choose for your song, all will resonate specifically with those who need it the most. Maybe not everyone, in fact, it’s doubtful that everyone will resonate with anything at all.

I want to encourage you to not worry about those who do not, or who cannot hear you. Focus on those who can…they are the ones who need you. Be brave! The world needs you and your gift!

What is it that comes to mind when you think of expressing your “voice”? Are you doing whatever it is? If so, yay!!! If not, why not? Don’t listen to the lies that say that your voice isn’t needed! In fact, you could pray this with me, if you like…

Father, forgive me for believing the lie that my voice isn’t needed or important. I repent for listening to and believing this lie. I cast it to the cross of Jesus and place His blood between those lies and me. I choose to believe the truth that my voice is needed and very important. I have something unique to offer the world that no one else can do. I ask that you give me the strength and the courage to begin to make my voice heard. Show me the steps I should take. Thank you!

I would love to hear how you will be expressing your voice!