New Personal Prophetic Painting 7-26-16

I had the privilege of completing a Personal Prophetic Painting this week. I’ve been working on it for a few weeks in between other adventures and obligations.

I took a photo after each session so that I could make a GIF. Another artist that a friend introduced me to had one done for one of her pieces, and I loved it. So, I thought, why not?  It acts like a mini movie, so you can see a very accelerated process of completing a painting. I think next time, I’ll try and take one after every layer and each piece of collage and embellishment…if I can remember! I get so lost in the process, that it was a bit of a struggle to remember to take this many photos!

personalpropheticpainting prophetic
Personal Prophetic Painting

I hope it uploads correctly! If not, click here, and you can see it on another page.

I find completing these pieces so fascinating. Often, the process of completing the piece has significance. Other times, it’s the colors, shapes, or collage materials. Generally,  the embellishments add significant meaning to the piece.

I write out what I feel God is saying to the person through the piece, and send that with it to its new home. The recipient of the piece not only receives an original painting created just for them, but they receive an encouraging word that I pray speaks to them just where they are. My prayer is also that the piece releases the Peace of heaven into the home or office where it is hung.

I won’t post the word that goes with the piece, because that is a very private thing. But, I do feel that this piece could speak to each of us, and so I post it here. This may be a part of what it says to you. However, if your spirit is jumping within you, and my word doesn’t satisfy, by all means get still before the Lord and ask Him yourself what He would say to you!

Signs and wonders were meant to follow all who believe in the Lord. Listen to his soft voice, get quiet before him, and he will give you the key to unlock such things in your life. He will release to you your destiny and show you the way to walk in your giftings and your callings. As you pursue him, great treasure that will not rust or decay will become yours.

Be blessed and at peace!