What is a Personal Prophetic Painting?

Many of you might be asking, “What is a personal prophetic painting?” and “How do you create one?” If you’ve followed me for long, you’ll have seen other blogs and videos that I’ve done that demonstrate my process in general. I’ve also talked about how to “see” my art here. So I won’t review all of that material now.

In short, a personal prophetic painting is one that is created while listening for Creator’s voice throughout the process of completing the piece, and communicating that message through the painting itself. I also write down what I hear and include that as well. The words are always encouraging and positive.

When someone commissions a personal prophetic painting, they choose the size that they would like and they tell me who it is for. I’ve had people commission them for their children and their spouses as well as themselves. They are particularly popular for gift giving occasions.

Prophetic Painting Intuitive Creator's HeartI generally don’t ask for details about the person that I am completing the painting for. I don’t mind knowing, but I don’t find it necessary. I write the name of the person on the back of the piece, and then I begin, following the process I’ve outlined in other posts. The entire time I’m painting, collaging, or embellishing; I am listening to Creator’s voice for what He has to say about the person. I take notes of words, phrases, Scriptures or whatever I hear in a notebook.

After the piece is completed, I sit in my favorite chair, and listen for what else Creator has to say. I write down what I hear, and then compose it into a written word that I print out, with a brief explanation of my process, and enclose with the piece.

It still thrills me to hear the impact that the piece and its message has on the recipients such as these:

After nearly a year of owning the piece: The painting you did for me, along with the words were such a great gift! I love to pull out the words every few weeks and ponder over them and see what has “changed” since last reading them and quite often it’s like pieces of a puzzle shift closer together making a much clearer picture, if that makes sense.  I also love gaze at the painting once I’ve reread the words. It too adds to more clarity. – GW

“I’m pretty much speechless at the incredible depth, both in the written prophetic word as well as the parallel visionary imagery. Will have to make sure it is spoken daily…receiving and believing! Wow, you have an amazing gift Alice!” ~SE

Prophectic Painting from Creator

“I RECEIVE the message. Thank you Lord for speaking through Alice and her art. Very creative and lovely.” ~DJ

“The word was perfect.  Thank you!” ~VZ

“The image spoke directly to my situation and the conversations that I’ve been having with God.  Thank you for

the confirmation.” ~HG

Intuitive Painting with the Spirit“Alice I’m stunned and amazed. This is so beautiful, every inch of it, and the words…..I’m undone.” ~GW

“This piece spoke perfectly to my situation.  Thank you for the encouragement.” ~JC

“I feel that an angel arrived at my house with the piece.” ~DM

For more information, you can visit this page, or order one here. I have added some smaller pieces that I can complete fairly quickly and get them out for Christmas or Chanukah gifts. They must be ordered by Nov 26 for arrival by Dec 24, 2016 US only. International orders can receive a printable “gift certificate” to put in a stocking or under the tree, with the painting arriving later. International shipping and customs are highly variable, so I cannot guarantee arrival, unfortunately.

Have you ever had a painting completed just for you? What did you think?