Identity – Annals of Cether – Book 1

UPDATE! The ebook is live (3/1/17) and the paperback should be ready in a couple weeks at the most! Get your copy here:

In Oct 2016, I wrote a few blog posts about a 2 books. One was Accessing Spiritual Inheritance Spirit See Travelabout to be published and one was still in progress. Somewhat similar to Star Wars, the sequel was published before the prequel. That analogy doesn’t hold perfectly, but it is what it is.

In the posts, I was working on a book that I was writing that I called “The Daughter” for lack of a better title. It is an allegorical account of my process in learning to hear and see in the spirit. I am getting close to publication of it, hopefully in a few weeks, so wanted to give you a bit of a heads up.

I never really liked the title, although it was descriptive of the process that my heroine, at first called Reason, goes through. Reason discovers she is not just the logical person who serves – but she is also a Dreamer. She realizes her truest identity is that of a daughter. So, I changed the name to “Identity”.

Reason Healing Seeing in the Spirit Intuitive

I’m using this piece as the cover, as it is the closest to my Secret Place, which I call Cether in the book. I painted it live during a worship set and talk about that in this post.

I hope that you enjoy the book, but more than that, I hope that you will be encouraged to visit the Secret Place with Creator and discover your truest identity as well.

Here is how it begins:

THERE ONCE WAS a dreamer hidden inside a very ordinary package of reason. When she was small, she dreamed big dreams, both when she was asleep and when she was awake. But, when she told those dreams to anyone, they dismissed them and made fun of her. And so, she tucked her dreams inside, and no longer visited them. She did well in school, getting good grades and focusing her attention on succeeding according to what “they” considered success. She wasn’t trying to smother her spirit; she was just trying to survive. And survive she did…of a sort. She graduated from high school and went to college. She did well there, but the dreamer within was beginning to get restless. She firmly pushed the dreamer down and went on to graduate school and got a well-paying job with benefits and a good retirement plan. She felt very proud of herself.

Until the dreamer refused to be contained any longer. She had heard the Creator’s call.