Annals of Cether: Why Fiction?

The short answer is, why not?!

The true answer is more difficult to articulate.

I’ve written 2 other books which are non-fiction: A Guide to Freedom and Accessing Your Spiritual Inheritance, written with 2 others. Both are geared towards helping people overcome blocks, get unstuck, and grab hold of all the good God has for us. Very straightforward.

I’ve been keeping a journal for about 15 years or more, regularly. I have found them helpful to sort through all the things that life throws at us, good and bad. I ask God questions, and listen for his answers – writing down what I hear, or things that happen that confirm or contradict what I hear.

As I met people, and listened to their stories, I learned that the threads and themes of their stories sounded a lot like mine. People, places, exact situations were different, but threads of victory over difficulties or the hope of that triumph was very consistent. I have met many people who have succeeded despite all that hell through at them.

I also met many who held on to their trauma. Maybe you’ve met someone like that? You can’t talk to them for more than a few minutes without knowing all the hurt they’ve experienced. They are bleeding all over the place…

There was always the choice between bitterness and forgiveness in my story. There still is. But what helped me perhaps the most, was hearing and reading the stories of those who had gone before. They showed me that it was possible to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

And, that’s my hope for this book. In my inner healing practice, I work with people who have experienced all kinds of difficulties in their life. A common thread is that they often feel that they are the only ones to go through anything like this. Like me, they experience hope when they know they are not alone.

Hence, Identity.

I wrote it as fiction/allegory so that – I hope! – you will be better able to see yourself in Reason’s place. It is my story, but it is also the story of many who have gone before me, who are right there now, and who will come after me. It may very well be your story.

If it is, I hope that Reason’s story encourages you to continue on until you, too, have received your new name and understand your position as a son or daughter of God.

It is from that place, that the fun truly begins!