Prophetic Art for April 2017

Looking Back

In my last post, I announced that I was beginning a new prophetic art subscription. Last week, I sent out a print of this piece. Typically, I plan on creating a unique piece for each month, but when I asked God what I should do, this is the piece that came to mind repeatedly. When I sat down to find out why, it became clear.

You may or may not know, but at sundown April 10, Passover began. This feast signifies the Israelites being set free from their slavery in Egypt through the obedience of Moses who was called in part because he choose to pay attention to a bush that burned, but did not burn up.

This is what I heard that pertained to this piece for the month of April 2017:

The burning bush. Be watching for unusual manifestations this month as God is getting your attention. You may feel as though you’ve been on the back side of the desert and that some if not all of your destiny has been derailed or curtailed. This is not the case. God has been getting you ready. He has not wasted a single moment of your life. He is at work even now in the circumstances that seem to be delaying your progress or even that seem counterproductive.

This is the month to come face to face with God and decide if you are going to go on with Him, or stay in the desert. Choose wisely, but not in fear. Do not allow fears or insecurities to influence your decisions. Trust God to know you better than you know yourself. Choose in faith.

This is a time to turn aside when you see signs and wonders, and seek the Lord on what you are to do next. It will most likely feel much larger than you think you can handle. God has designed it that way on purpose. He wants you to lean into Him and push through self-limiting beliefs and blockages. He is increasing your capacity to hear Him. He is increasing your capacity to follow His lead with precision. He is teaching you, He is guiding you, and He is fathering you so that you can become all He created you to be.

Many of us have had situations and people come against us, our giftings, and our callings at some point in time. I don’t know that this is the way it’s “supposed” to be, but it is often the case. This is a month to revisit those wounds, and get them healed if they haven’t been already. Don’t allow the voices of the past keep you from your future. Don’t allow the words of others to define you. God created and defines you.

The world is waiting for you to operate fully in your gift and your call. As you do so, many others will be set free. Your freedom gives others freedom. Your freedom to follow God’s lead gives others permission to follow Him into their destiny. There is no journey like it! Don’t think it’s all on you, though – God is raising up others to come along beside you and help you when you need it. You may start out on the journey alone, but it won’t be long before you find others along the way.

This is going to be an awesome beginning.

You have been chosen and anointed.

You have been prepared.

You are ready.


Looking Forward

Today, I got this far on theMay 2017 Prophetic Painting Progress Subscription piece that will be the painting for the subscription for May. I have a great sense of excitement related to this piece, and I look forward to seeing not just where it goes, but also what God has to say about it when I finish. I haven’t yet received many words, if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that painting is not typically a verbal process for me. While I’ll make notes if I do get words while painting, I receive most of the meaning when I sit before the Lord with the piece upon its completion.

If you would like to see how this piece looks when it’s finished, and what I hear from God about it, I invite you to sign up by the 23rd. It takes a bit of time for the prints to arrive, so after that, you’ll have to wait until June.

You can go to the Subscriptions page for more information, or sign up here: