A Blessing for June


I’ve been creating/curating art prints for my subscribers for a few months now. I’m loving the increased communication with the Father in my life as I seek a piece each month that will be a blessing to all who receive it. This month’s was so profound, that I feel I need to share so that it can be a blessing as widely as possible.

The piece is called The Veil.

This piece represents moving through a veil and into a new realm of breakthrough. It wasn’t until after I received the prints that I realized that with the beginning of June, we have completed the Counting of the Omer – the 50 days of contemplation between Passover and Pentecost. It is a time to remember that there is a process. Freedom was provided during Passover both in ancient Israel with the Exodus, but also with Jesus’ death on the cross. But there were those 50 days of being free and yet not released in completion with the Torah and then with the Holy Spirit descending upon those gathered in the upper room many years later. It was after that time that the New Testament believers went out with the power of the Spirit and transformed their culture and the world.

This year, it feels as if this has been very much a similarly somber path, a time of waiting, a time of difficulty with confusion over the season ahead. As we pass through the veil, my prayer for all of us is that we gain new levels of clarity and move into the new level of breakthrough that the Lord has prepared. That we would strip off the veils the enemy has placed over our eyes, or those that our own beliefs or habits have placed there.

As we do so, I believe that the circles on the piece symbolize the ripples going out from the new encounters and revelation we receive beyond the veil. That we will find that revelation in one area will impact other areas we didn’t expect. I also believe as we are faithful to steward the revelation well, we will find those ripples going outward farther than we have considered as well.

Be looking for that revelation – even when it comes at odd times and in strange ways. Spend time with the Lord when, where, and how works best for you. Write down the revelation you receive so that you can track your progress over the months and years to come. I crafted a prayer that may help you enter in more fully.

Father, I thank you for the strength that I have gained through this past season, difficult though it has been. I thank you that you have met me there, and that you have been working with me, and for me in ways I do not expect. Show me any veils that have covered my eyes from not seeing the path ahead. I break them off of me in the Name of Jesus, and I cast them to the cross. Forgive me for in any way I’ve placed blame on you for the work of the enemy in my life. I release the bondage and uncertainty of the old season, and I welcome the new season with open arms. I welcome your revelation and the breakthrough that you have prepared for me. I accept these blessings in my life and ask that you help me steward them well. Thank you Father, for completing the work that you have begun in my life.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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