Colors of Peace – The Grove – Downtown Lubbock, June 2017

Hey y’all! I’ve somewhat had to let my Colors of Peace project slide more than I would like. I’ve been struggling with some health issues – nothing serious, unless I don’t make some changes and rest… So, I’ve made some changes and am cultivating rest with more intentionality!

This piece is one that wasn’t necessarily intentionally created to be a part of that project, but God had other plans. I attended a new church with a friend a few weeks ago. It’s a small fellowship, and it was arranged in a circle, so I felt a bit self-conscious pulling out my iPad and getting started. I waited a while, and then started seeing light breaking up the darkness in the area.

I grabbed my iPad and began. Since I waited, I didn’t have a chance to finish it, but I had a good idea of what it was supposed to look like. It is now complete, and this is part of what I think it means:

I saw the streets of downtown Lubbock. During worship I saw the power of the united worship breaking through the darkness in the area surrounding the Grove. I have the impression that there are multiple layers of worship that have sunk deep within the earth and that the bowls have been filling. Every prayer that’s been offered, every song that’s been sung, every act of worship – the Lord has been carefully taking note of each one and storing them up. The angels are stirring them and gathering coals from the altar in Heaven and the combination will be sent back to complete the work for which they were offered.

If you are reading this, and you prayed here 20, 40, 60+ years ago, you are part of this. If you’ve just begun to pray, you are part of this. And everyone in between. The Lord has heard each and every one of you. No matter who’s name or face rises to the top when the breakthrough comes, never doubt the significance and the immense importance that each and every one of you has had and continues to have. Heaven knows. Your work behind the scenes has not gone unnoticed and you will have your reward. This is not for one or for a few. It is not because of one organization or another – it is the united, continual seeking after the Heart of God for Lubbock that the breakthrough will come.

And so, I was wrong – it is about releasing the Colors of Peace over Lubbock. It is about uniting the gifts that I have with those of others from all sorts of places, times, and seasons so that this city can become the beacon of hope that God has called it to be.