LIHOP 14th Anniversary Event

My friends at the Lubbock International House of Prayer celebrated their 14th anniversary. Nic Billman led worship and told stories of his family’s work through their ministry, Shores of Grace, rescuing girls from sex trafficking in Brazil. I painted.

The first painting I began, and then during some of the talking, allowed to dry. As I was listening to the speakers and contemplating the piece, I had a quick vision of one leaf from the tree mentioned in Revelation that has leaves for the healing of the nations. That leaf was detaching from the tree, and floating on the winds of the Spirit. Cupped, it was filled with glory and hope for healing on many levels. After the speaking, I went back to the easel, and completed the piece according to the vision that I had. (Original and prints available of this piece for a short time. Click on the photo to order.)

Leaves Leaf Healing Worship Painting Live
Leaf of Healing

I still had time after completion of the first piece, and since paint seems to miraculously dry when I’m painting live, I always carry spare boards with me, even if I don’t expect to use one. The second piece, was one in which the process of completion was more important than the image produced. Or so I believe. I’ve mentioned before, that when I am painting live, my job is to release whatever the Lord wants to do or say to those who are there, as well as for those who may view the piece afterwards. Although, in this case, it may be more the story of it’s completion that’s important rather than the actual image.

When I painted at the Gathering, and talked to the other artists, a couple of them had experiences while painting where God said something to the effect of “Pick up that brush and put that color there.” I had never had such specific instructions before, but that’s exactly what happened. Most of the daubs of color are made with the same brush, so that didn’t change much, but the colors and their order were given fairly specifically. I worked, color after color, gradually filling up all of the white of the board. This image is what the piece looked like at the end of the event, and that’s what it still looks like!

Tapestry of Obedience

I wonder where the piece would have gone had the event lasted longer…

I wonder where it will lead me next!

I believe the main purpose of the piece was to release courage and obedience to whatever the Lord asks of each of us. We may not know where we’re heading, but we can trust the One who leads us and directs each set that we are taking.