Blessing for September 2017

Angel of Hope

I recently heard from a couple people for whom I created personal prophetic paintings. Both mentioned that they noticed an increase in angelic activity after receiving their piece. Into that mix, Harvey hit the Texas coast, and so much of the Pacific Northwest is on fire with unusually high temps. As I have friends in both areas, these situations have been on my heart and mind and in my prayers. It should have been no surprise when this angel showed up as I was working on the piece that became the print for this month, but it did.

As I finished the piece, I could feel an increase in hope for several situations in my life, and I had a major turn around in one just after completing this piece. I don’t know that it was as a result of only this piece, but I could sense the joy of the Lord in this release of breakthrough and of hope. I pray that this piece releases hope to you for each and every situation that troubles you.

I don’t tend to focus a lot on angels, but I recognize the biblical support for them being sent to help us in many ways. They minister, protect, and bring messages. They also bring provision. I don’t fall into the camp of commanding angels, but I am learning to partner with them so that they are free to do what God created them to do, and that I will be able to do what I have been created to do. As such, I don’t seek to paint them, and they do not often appear in my work. However, there has been an increase in the number of angels that are appearing when I paint, so I’m seeking the Lord for further revelation on what this might mean.

As we head into fall, and the season is changing in the natural, I believe that it is doing so in the spiritual realm as well. I don’t know that angels will arrive with this print. It’s still a new thought to me that they would. But, I do believe that this piece is to be a sign to you that the Lord has heard you and He is sending you hope for a better tomorrow.

Father, thank you for caring for every single one of our needs and for even the secret desires of our hearts. I ask that You would come and minister to the one who reads this, and even to send your angels to minister to them, bringing them hope for the promises that You have spoken to them. I thank you for the kindness and the grace that You have shown each of us, and I ask You to give us tangible markers of the victories that we are achieving in this time of transition. Help us to encourage ourselves in You and to have great hope for tomorrow.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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