City On a Hill Series – 13, 14, and 15

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City on a Hill – 12x12x2 Mixed Media on Cradled Panel
One of my favorite things about Italy, and there are many! Are all of these little towns perched on top of hills. Ancient and secure. Present and alive. I’ve painted them many times, and yet this time I was reminded that if Creator has placed you on a hill, you cannot be hidden and you should shine your light as brightly as you can!

peaceful landscapes, spiritual fine art, peaceful paintings, intuitive painting representational art intuitive creativity
Not Hidden – 12x12x2 Mixed Media on Cradled Panel
peaceful landscapes spiritual fine art peaceful paintings shifting the atmosphere collage artist prophetic art intuitive painting peaceful images
Visible – 12x12x2 Mixed Media on Cradled Panel

The square box is perfect for hanging alone or in a grid or however you like. The painting continues around all sides of the piece, so it is perfect for hallways or entries where you see more of the sides than in other places in your home or business. Originals and prints available.