I’m not sure what possessed me to start painting these – if I remember rightly, it went something like: “I paint on wood boxes. Look how smooth that poplar is. Why don’t I cut it into random lengths and paint on it!”

I started them before I moved, and they are part of my on-going goal to finish the stack of pieces that are in various stages in my studio. I finished them keeping in mind that the purchaser might wish to hang them as a group.

Once they were finished, I couldn’t decide which way I liked them hung better… Staggered tops with an even line of the strings, like above… Or an even line across the top, like below.

Of course, if you purchase them, you can hang them however you like!

Some detail shots:

All are 3″ wide and 3/4″ deep, length is indicated below
Pylon 5 – 15.25″ – $140
Pylon 4 – 16.25″ – $150
Pylon 3 – 17.5″ – $160
Pylon 2 – 21.5″ – $200
Pylon 1 – 24.75″ – $220
Complete set – $870

You can purchase the set here. Contact me for single pylons or smaller sets.