Joyful 1 & 2

These are two of the most joy-filled pieces that I’ve ever created. #1 is a commission, so I won’t share the personal word that went with it, but it just made me so happy to work on it that I wanted to share!

It’s one of the few that I knew what it was supposed to be when I began it. That very rarely happens! But I had such a feeling of joy, and could see it bubbling up – so I recreated that as best I could.

Because it was a bit of a different process for me, I worked on 2 pieces at the same time and then sent the one I liked the best to the commissioner. Or maybe it would be better to say that it felt the best.

I hope they bring you great joy as well!

commission mixed media painting prophetic intuitive
Joyful 1 – SOLD
joyfilled mixed media watermedia collage
Joyful 2 – 8×10, available

Prints are available for both, click the image to be taken to the product pages.