Land Reset

These 3 paintings, as well as much of my recent works can be summed up with the following quote:

The land cannot be healed until people are healed, and people cannot be healed until the land is healed. – John Lauren Sanford

I have felt within me for quite some time that the land needed to be healed in order for people to be well who dwell on it. This was some great confirmation of that thought!

These pieces are for April 9-11, 2020.

If you also feel called or just want to join in and create work to shift the atmosphere towards peace as well, please tag me on SM @alicearleneb. I would love to see your work!!!

Releasing the joy from the earth
Joy comes in the morning
Heal the land so the people can flourish.

Prints are available, but may not be in my shop as yet, depending on when you’re reading this. Contact me with the one you like and the size you want and I’ll invoice you. The border and number won’t be included, just the piece.

5×7 print – $14.99
8×10 print – $29.99
16×20 giclee – $295