Blessings and Encouragement July 2017

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I was looking at this piece in the studio a little while ago, and realized that it was a timely word for me…and, from what I hear from others, not just me. I hope that it encourages you to keep moving forward.

Keep Moving Forward

For a week or two while I was preparing the board and prayerfully considering what blessing or encouragement was needed, I kept hearing things like “crossroad”, “courage”, “don’t give up”. I had a picture of sections, like a map, with paths in between. I began with lots of layers and collage keeping in mind that concept. I don’t usually have an idea of what the piece will look like before I begin, and when I do, they often don’t turn out like I think. This one came together easier than some, but not easily. The final piece is arranged a bit differently than I was going for, and there are additional elements that were unexpected. I often find that the process of creating the piece is a key component of its message. In this case, I believe it’s true in more ways than I probably know.

This is a month in which you are moving forward towards your promised land. Your breakthrough. Your victory. God has set a path for you to follow and your job is to keep moving forward and not give up. In any journey, however, it’s the last section that feels the longest. You’re weary and it’s easy for discouragement to set in. It’s so tempting to just sit down and rest or even give up. However, this is the last thing that you should do. You don’t want to be like the Israelites who gave up within sight of the promised land and had to wander around the desert for 40 years. In this piece, the circle represents that feeling of going around in circles. However, it’s actually a round-about that is there to help you move quickly and smoothly onto the right path to complete your journey. Be alert to the right exit. You’re nearly there.

The cords represent the help that Creator has sent, His guidance and His gracious provision for a way through. The envelope is full of His love letters to you. The scrolls represent the dreams, visions, and prophetic words pertaining to your promised land, and the key reminds you that all these things together ensure your victory. Remember how much Creator loves you. Remember what He has said to you and about you and your future. Hold onto the truth that He is leading you to a great and glorious victory. Take hold of that, and have courage to face the last few hurdles.

Creator, thank you for your love and for creating a great and glorious future for me. I thank you for the visions and prophetic words that you’ve given me about my future. I thank you that you have a plan to bring me to my promises that I may dwell in the land that you have given me. I thank you for your power and provision. Remind me of the wonderful things that wait for me in this victory. Encourage my heart, mind, soul, and spirit so that I can have the strength to keep moving forward. I thank you that you believe in me and that you are at work to help me when I need it. Help me keep my eyes fixed forward so that I can receive my breakthrough in its right time and season. Thank you that you have not brought me thus far to abandon me now, but that you will lead me and guide me all the way to victory.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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