Art Adventures – Italy 2005-2012

I mentioned in a recent post that I was going to be leaving on an adventure to Ireland and the UK. The time is getting closer! I’m getting very excited to go and see things I haven’t seen before. And, I’m remembering all of the fabulous adventures I’ve had in the past… Particularly Italy because I’ve so enjoyed painting images from there – while I was there as well as once I returned home.

Here are some sketches from my trip to Italy in 2009:

Adventure Painting Sketch Italy Hill Town Farm

Sometimes fairly detailed as above, and sometimes just an impression like the one below…

Adventure Painting Italy Tree Lined Avenue Street Path Perspective

Adventure Painting Italy Windows Flowers Architecture Sketch

And some of the pieces that resulted from these sketches, or others of a similar sort:

Hill Town Fields Farm Olive Sunflower Mixed Media Adventure Painting Italy

Villa Small Town Hill Adventure Painting

Mixed Media Adventure Painting Assisi Italy

I also take photographs, generally lots of them! So I use them with my sketches to do an interpretation of what I’ve seen. The top two paintings here, are more representational of the general theme of the fabulous hill towns throughout Italy, whereas the last one is St Francis’ Basilica in Assisi, so I stayed more true to its actual form and relied on photographs extensively.

These are some of the things I’m excited to see (for attribution and original file location, please click on photo. None of these are my images, although I may replace with mine upon my return.):

Trinity College Dublin
Trinity College Dublin
Gate of Justice Dublin Castle
Queen's Bridge Belfast
Queen’s Bridge Belfast
St Anne's Cathedral Belfast
St Anne’s Cathedral Belfast
Giant's Causeway
Giant’s Causeway Northern Ireland

And, of course, the sights of London…but since they are more familiar to most of us I’ll stop here for now!

A reminder – I’m still offering the unique opportunity to have an adventure painting created just for you. But you have to purchase before I leave, by Feb 4, 2017. You may be able to purchase the artwork after, but not the individual book of the story of the piece. And, you’ll have to pay shipping! You can find more details on this post, but if you’re ready for an artistic adventure, you can just purchase from here! Feel free to share with anyone you think would love to experience an artistic adventure!