A peek in the studio 8-12-15

I finally have a regular table set up in my studio.  I started out with a couple of card tables, but they are just short enough, that it was not very comfortable to stand and paint.  I generally do stand while I paint, unless I’m doing some fine detail work, which is not all that common.  My technique is quite wet or loose, meaning that I use quite a bit of water with my paint so that it goes on in a fairly thin, transparent layer.  It’s where the name watermedia comes from.  Adding the collage or other ephemera is when it becomes mixed media.  I’ll probably share more about that with you as I go along.

Now that I have my table up, and my drying rack at the ready, I was excited to get back to painting.  I’m wanting to be much more intentional about getting in the studio much more frequently.  As I’ve been unpacking, I discovered a few pieces that I started before I moved, so I am working on finishing them up, or at least getting further along.


This is one of three 12×12 cradled panels that I am adding more layers to.  I’m liking where they are headed, which is kind of a difficulty….  If I like parts of a piece in this early stage, it is so very tempting to stop too soon.  If I stop, the piece never develops the depth that I prefer.  This is partly why these three were still at this place.  So, before I could think about it too much, I put another layer of paint over the whole thing.  There are probably about 8 layers on there now, but there will be many more before it’s done.


These are an interesting experiment.  I keep going back and forth if they should be a grouping, or if they will be individual pieces.  At the moment, I’m building up more layers.  I feel that I want them to be very dark and rich.  Then, maybe more collage, or things tied on, or???  I don’t ever know what a piece wants to be when it grows up until quite near the end.

I have a few more pieces that I worked on as well, but I forgot to take pictures!  The only other one I remembered is this one:



I have no idea if I like this, or not…it’s certainly nowhere near finished.  I did the blue drips first.  I allowed them to dry completely, and then did the red.  I found it interesting that the red paint wanted to follow the trails of the blue, even though they were dry, and there was other paint on the board.  We’ll see where this goes, or if it goes anywhere at all!  There are times when a brand new coat of gesso does wonders for a piece!

Is there anything in particular you would like for me to talk about or show you related to my artwork?