Miter saw stand

Just a quick post to show what my miter saw stand looks like…  Please excuse the mess, I’m still sorting through boxes, unpacking and rearranging!

Miter Saw Stand

This is with both wings up, clearly!  You can see that it is on locking swivel casters.  The back wheels are just straight so it doesn’t get too squirrelly.  There’s a fence along both wings that you can clamp a stop block to.  The plans called for an adhesive measuring tape, but I never got around to that.  You can configure the shelves however you prefer.


This is with the wings down and the saw put away.  You can kind of see how deep the carcase is, since both my scroll saw and my bench sander fit on the shelf, as do the cases for my router and large nail gun.  Although, this isn’t their permanent home, necessarily.