“Rose Rock” Book Cover Reveal

I’m so excited to share this with you all.  I just got word that the book is up for sale, which is what I’ve been waiting for to tell you about this particularly delightful project.  I’ve done several book covers now, and I’ve loved doing every single one, I certainly don’t mean to suggest otherwise.  But, this one was a new adventure, and so it appealed to my vagabond gypsiness!

I was contacted by Faith Living a few months ago.  She had seen and liked the other covers that I’d done.

Seasons upload

Dare upload

Love LGBT CS Cover Final email

Each has had it’s unique adventures.  And, as I said, I’ve loved every one.

This one was unique in that it is for fiction, and she had a photo that strongly reminded her of her vision for where the story began.  She sent me her manuscript, so that I could get a feel for the story and the setting.  (I really enjoyed the story and the concept, so I strongly recommend that you purchase the book!  Actually, I’ve been blessed in that I can recommend the insides of all of the books I’ve had the privilege of working on as well as the outside!  Click on each of the covers to be taken to their respective Amazon pages.)

So, I started with this photo:

Stock image provided by author

And ended up with this:

Rose Rock upload

You might notice the addition of the town, the walkers, the pillar of light, and the general painterly effect!  So fun!  I digitally painted on the photo to get this effect.  It was quite fun, and I think that it is quite effective as well!

The link on the book will take you to the Kindle page, clicking on this link will take you to where you can purchase the paperback version.  Please read it, I think you’ll enjoy it, and if you like it as much as I did, leave her a great review!  In working with and being around authors, I’ve realized that good reviews are critical for the success of the book.