Connection Points

Peace during a pandemic mixed media digital painting art for healing

During these few days, I was watching a conference online that I had hoped to attend online. So, I created quite a few pieced during that time, as I was doing some during worship as well as for Lent.

I was listening to hear what God wanted to say and what I was to release into the atmosphere to do my part and shift it toward peace. Part of my concern is that panic, worry, anxiety, grief, all those negative emotions lower your frequency and makes you more vulnerable to disease of all types. So, I dug in even deeper to releasing the positive.

These pieces are for March 20-23, 2020.

If you also feel called or just want to join in and create work to shift the atmosphere towards peace as well, please tag me on SM @alicearleneb. I would love to see your work!!!

Restoration and peace
Intersection. Meeting places. Where can you intersect with others safely and powerfully?
Peace and breakthrough!
Blessings. Peace and order.

Prints are available, but may not be in my shop as yet, depending on when you’re reading this. Contact me with the one you like and the size you want and I’ll invoice you. The border and number won’t be included, just the piece.

5×7 print – $14.99
8×10 print – $29.99
16×20 giclee – $295

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