Effects of COVID-19

You may know that my master’s degree is in Occupational Therapy, and I have worked in hospitals for much of my OT career. Standard precautions such as washing hands and such are ingrained in me, and I have a lot of respect for the medical community. I had heard about COVIS-19 before I left, certainly, but so far as I had heard, it didn’t seem to be any worse than the flu. While at the conference, I wasn’t on social media much, so it wasn’t until we were returning home that I started seeing all the toilet paper posts.

I still don’t understand the hoarding of toilet paper, but what was so amazing to me was the panic that people were under. I understand the risks involved, and fully support reasonable precautions. But operating out of panic and fear? Not ever a good idea.

But, that’s when I began to understand WHY #ArtForLent.

Matt Tommey, my friend and mentor, talks about raising up an army of artists. I’ve known for years that my work was to intentionally release peace. But this is an opportunity to do both. In some ways, I feel I’m on the front lines of the battle for peace in the midst of all the panic surrounding COVID-19. And, I’ve been training for this fight for decades.

These pieces are for March 10-13, 2020.

If you also feel called or just want to join in and create work to shift the atmosphere towards peace as well, please tag me on SM @alicearleneb. I would love to see your work!!!

I love that there appears to be a dancer in this one! Dance on the head of the enemy!

Prints are available, but may not be in my shop as yet, depending on when you’re reading this. Contact me with the one you like and the size you want and I’ll invoice you. The border and number won’t be included, just the piece.

5×7 print – $14.99
8×10 print – $29.99
16×20 giclee – $295

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