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The Sunday before Lent, my pastor challenged us to add something for lent, instead of fasting something. Lent isn’t something I’ve ever really practiced, but I felt the call to paint digitally each day. Digitally because I travelled to the CTT Mastermind and TCA Conference in North Carolina last week, and have another event that I’m planning on going to next week, unless it gets cancelled. 

My intention in all my artwork is to release God’s peace into the atmosphere wherever it is created, viewed, or hung. When I got home a couple days ago, and realized the extent of the panic that was taking hold, I had a bit more insight into WHY the #ArtForLent

I have a new iPad Pro with an Apple pencil, and while I’ve been painting some digitally for years, I’m getting used to the pressure sensitivity. I’m really enjoying the feel as it’s closer to using an analog version.

Since I’m late getting started with the blog posts, and don’t overwhelm you with 20 images in a post, I’m planning on extending the blogs past Easter. Now that I’m home, I am trying to post the current day’s piece on IG and FB.

I invite you to join with me in creating works of art in whatever media you use to release the peace and the love of the Father into the earth. If you also feel called or just want to join in and create work to shift the atmosphere towards peace as well, please tag me on SM @alicearleneb. I would love to see your work!!!

For this one, I felt the longing of the earth beneath the cotton fields that surround where I live to be released into it’s destiny.
This isn’t my house, but I sensed these veins of goodness underneath the earth, that I want to tap into.

Prints are available, but not in my shop as yet. Contact me with the one you like and the size you want and I’ll invoice you. The border and number won’t be included, just the piece.

5×7 print – $14.99
8×10 print – $29.99
16×20 giclee – $295

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