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Letters From the Future Goal Hope Prosper

On my other site, I recently wrote a blog about creating a better future by learning to prosper as our souls prosper. I have been doing some research regarding what prosperity looks like. It’s more than just money, I’ll tell you that!

Business Building Smart Goal Letters Self FutureI’ve been working on building two businesses the last couple of years, my artwork being one of them. Taking classes, reading books and blogs, gathering advice… Can I tell you that I really wish it was as simple as throwing a website up and adding photos of my work?!

One person that I’ve been following is Ann Rea. She has a mission to obliterate the “starving artist” mindset. To that end, she gives away a lot of free content as well as teaches an intensive course. She taught herself how to have a successful art business, and is teaching others to do the same. One of the things that she talks about is the creation of “smart goals”. She encourages the setting of these goals to plan to succeed.

I’ve tried them, and have had limited success…

Yesterday, I was working on the book cover for the larger story behind the excerpts I posted last fall. It’s a story about identity, overcoming darkness, and learning to walk in the light. But, since I didn’t need to concentrate on what I was doing, I listened to Abi Stumvoll’s sermon/talk from last Friday night on BethelTV. One thing that she talked about, was creating hope by writing letters to herself from the future. She took each area she was wanting to see progress in, and wrote herself a letter talking about how she felt now that she has made progress in that area.

Letters Future Goal Progress HopeSimilar to the smart goal – but I loved the added richness involved in writing a letter. I’m going to be writing some of these letters to myself as part of my New Year’s goal setting and vision casting process. I thought you might like to join me.

I think we could all use more hope, and this is one way that I am going to set out to keep hope at the forefront of my mind. In this way, my future will be brighter than today. I will flourish and I will prosper in new and glorious ways!

Oh! And, you might be interested in the class I just launched over on the other site – I’ve designed it to confront and overcome the limiting beliefs that we have so that we can achieve those goals.

Soul Prospers Flourish Class

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