Painting at The Gathering – Tacoma 2017

Enter In Worship Portal Live Painting Acrylic

I had a wonderful opportunity to not only go and vend, but to paint during The Gathering 2017 in Tacoma, WA at the end of July. My sister drove with me and we hit a number of items on our travel bucket lists as we wandered there and back. I’ve now been to all the 48 contiguous states and 6 provinces in Canada!

One of the best parts of the trip, however, was that I was able to meet a bunch of people – friends I’ve had for years as well as new friends – in person! Most at the Gathering, but a few on the way to and from. There’s just nothing quite like being face to face.

During the worship times at the Gathering, I was one of four painters. The others were Dinah Rau, Edie Reno, and Andy Sewell (Click on their names for links to their gorgeous artwork). Four different styles but we all had similar experiences in how God speaks to us while we work. It was so fun getting to know each of them and being able to “talk shop” with other artists. I’m a fan of each of them and their work – it was such a blessing to paint alongside such wonderful people and accomplished artists! I’ll be exploring the themes that came forth from our work in future blog posts, so keep an eye out!

I created 6 pieces during the Gathering that I would like to share with you today, and a bit about their stories…

Prophetic Artwork Live Worship Gathering 2017
Accept the Gift – 36×36 mixed media on board

I had a great time with this one. It was the first on the easel, and a little intimidating as it’s the first piece of this size that I’ve done – 36 inches x 36 inches!!!. Over the next few days, I kept layering the warm colors. I don’t usually keep to just warm colors, but I felt that this one was expressing the Glory. I kept seeing a square within the square, and so collaged that area. I felt like I needed to keep it very simple and even boring, as that was what the Lord was wanting to say. So often, I think, we miss Him and His gifts to us, because they don’t look all that spectacular at first. It’s only later that they reveal the glory they hold.

Accept the Gift ~

The glory attracts – that which you see on others and hear about. Watch for the gifts, doors, and gateways. They may not look glorious, but through them…through the sacrifice of obedience and acceptance, you access the glory within.

Going up live worship painting drips watermedia
Ascent – 24×36 mixed media on board

I had a lot of fun with this one, although I was VERY glad I put down plastic under the canvas tarp… I started with collage and then started with the pink. The paint was really loose, so was running a bunch, but I loved what it was looking like, so I kept on! It’s one that I had a hard time determining if it were finished or not, although it reminds me of my trees. I kept hearing “going up” or similar things, so the stairs fit that theme. In looking at it now, I can see that every step is different – isn’t that so true of our lives? I know I get in trouble when I think that every step is supposed to be the same as the one before. Especially if that one was easier than the one I’m on. I’ve been on the 4th step – or one that feels that way – for a while now. A steep, uphill climb. It’s good, but I would love it if it were easier at times!


Come up here. Come and see the glorious wonders that I have saved to explore just with you. Come up here.

Going Deep Live Worship Painting Acrylic
Deep Waters

This one came together quickly…I just kept seeing this gradation of blues. I painted it and put it aside thinking that I would come back and do more. I added a few more layers, but still kept the gradation. I heard the worship team singing about deep water, so I figured it was on point, and as I couldn’t think of anywhere else to go with it, called it done!

Deep Waters

Dive deep within the depths of My love. Saturate in the peace and tranquility surrounded by My love and grace. Absorb the healing of My Shalom – Nothing Missing, Nothing Broken.

Enter In Worship Portal Live Painting Acrylic
Portal – 36×36 acrylic on board

This was a different piece. It’s not my usual subject matter or style, but I saw it very clearly before I got up to paint. I kind of shook it off and worked on the others, but then ran out of things to do and felt like the Lord was reminding me why I was there and what my job was. I don’t believe that my job as a painter during worship is to create pieces for my own pleasure. Rather, I’m there to release visually what He wants me to release. So, with that reminder, I grabbed a fresh board and began painting. Of course, I had to at least do some splatters and some asemetic carving! It felt as though the worship kicked up a notch as I worked on this piece, but wether that was corporately true or just true for me, I’m not sure.


Entering in individually and corporately to greater realms of worship.

Drip Acrylic worship painting live
Veil – 24×36 acrylic on board

Another painting that I was very glad that the plastic was protecting the venue’s carpet! This was the final piece. I kept seeing the drips and bands of color as folds in a veil through which we could press in and go through into the glorious realms beyond. I love it because it is – and it reminds me that God loves me because I am, and not for any of the things I do.

The Veil

Enter in – without striving or pretense, neither are needed here. Just be, and enjoy His love.

Angels Gifts Monochromatic Figures Live Worship Painting
The Bringers of Gifts – 36×36 acrylic on board

And lastly, my favorite… After I had a good start on a few pieces, I knew that angels were going to be in one of them, but I wasn’t sure which one. I had these plaid like bands of color on this one, that for some reason was all blue again. Even the touch of green I tried to include didn’t stay very green. And then, the figures revealed themselves and I realized that the boxes were once again gifts. I felt that the figures were in an attitude of waiting…that they were waiting on us to arrive so that we could receive the gifts. There are 7 figures that I painted, but as I look at the piece, I can see hints of a few more!

The Bringers of Gifts

Watch for adventures. Follow the path set before you. Those who bring the gifts are waiting for your arrival.


Each piece is available as a print, giclee, silk scarf, and 2 chiffon kimono styles. Examples and prices below. Contact Me to order with the item you desire and in which art piece.

5×5 or 5×7 print – $14.95

8×8 or 8×10 print – $29.95

Prophetic Painting Silk Scarf
36×36 silk scarf – $79.95

Note: Rectangular paintings will be cropped to fit a square.

Note: the fabric is more sheer than it appears here, also, I prefer to wear without the belt!

Note: Again, the fabric is more sheer than is shown…

Kimono Size Chart (I was wearing size Large in both at the Gathering):

All Measurements in Accordance with US Standard Sizing

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Blessings to all…




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