Paintings for Peace

Peace Painting Prayer

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the main things that I have wanted my paintings to do, is to produce peace. Well, I can’t think of a time in recent history when we’ve needed peace more than we do today. So, I’ve embarked on a new series of paintings focusing on releasing peace, hope, joy, and most of all love into the atmosphere of the US generally, and into the pockets of rioting, specifically.

These are not politically motivated, just a desire for a reduction in the fear and turmoil in this great country that I love. With me so far?

Peace Prayer Painting Artwork Mixed Media

These are the paintings so far. I have several layers of paint on them, and am about ready to collage on them. I also plan on writing on them throughout the remaining layers as well, as I do fairly often. In this case, I am going to be writing prayers, wishes for peace, scriptures, etc. And here is where you come in…

I would love y’all’s help… I believe that there is power in the agreement of people desiring the same end. The Scriptures talk about where two or three are gathered together…let’s all gather together and release peace. I want to hear your words and prayers for the peace of this nation and for specific cities involved. I want to include them in the paintings. Something like this:

Painting for Peace Prayers Artforpeace

You can see the writing around the windows. I’ve also done the same deeper into paintings, so the text is not as obvious. I may also print them out, and include them as collage material. I enjoy using fancy fonts for that. I do this mainly for texture, but also for intention. I sometimes choose text and so forth that I feel pertains directly to the meaning of the piece.

I would love for you to partner with me in the creation of these pieces. Please comment below with your prayers and words of peace, hope, and love. Or, if you would like, you can comment in a group on Facebook that I’ve created – Colors of Peace, and be kept updated on their progress, although I’ll do so via the blog as well.

Edit: So, I forgot the important bit! This started because of a few visions that I had. They are a bit long, so I’ll just include a few quotes to hopefully give you an idea of what I saw and why I’m really excited about these:

I see me going in the Spirit to these places (the riots, etc.), and I am painting peace over them. I’m seeing the riots and protests and I am painting blankets of peace and hope over them.

As the paint drips down into the crowd, it falls on individual heads. As it does so, I see them wake up almost, shake their heads, and then look around as if they’ve shaken off some kind of spell or enchantment. They shake their heads and the paint splatters on those around them. I see people calming down and going home. I see angels sliding down the streams of color and start throwing the paint like snowballs. The crowd is no longer this dark indistinct mass of people, but as the angels splash the paint, they become drenched in color.

I see some that seem immune to the paint, and they seem to keep broadcasting the darkness. I see that there are wires or strings going from them to a centralized hub which is tied to a central location. But, the ones who are the most covered in paint, begin to sing and dance. It’s like a big ring type dance where 2 circles are moving opposite of each other and the dancers are weaving in and out passing from hand to hand. As they dance, many others begin to sing and also dance other dances. As they do so, the sound of their songs and dances overcomes the broadcasting of hate. The entities broadcasting, that I now see are not people at all, are standing in open spaces surrounded by the dances. Angels come in to the rings of dancers and surround the entities. For each, and angel slices off the connection cord which snaps back towards the hub like a rubber band. One angel has grabbed hold of it, and allows himself to be taken with it. As each arrives at the hub, I can see swords being raised up, and streams of light shooting up, and then prayers and more angels converging on the hub as the same thing happens towards the central point.

Meanwhile, back at the dance, two angels take each of the entities and bind them and put them in muffled boxes which are loaded onto train car like things. Once all are loaded, the train car raises up like a space ship and, surrounded by the angels, shoots off towards heaven.

As soon as the cord was cut, and the angels start binding up the entities, the dancers change their tune and then they start to wind through the streets singing the new song in all directions. As they do so, people who had been hiding in their houses in fear came out and joined the dance. I see people of all classes, colors, and shapes and sizes. Many are joining the dance. Those who do not, are singing along and waving at those who dance by. It has become the largest parade ever, as it is going through every street.

As it does so, it’s as if a layer of grime and grunge is wiped off all of the surroundings and the true colors can shine forth again.

I’m taken higher above the city, and I’m seeing that the same thing is happening in all the places where I saw the cords. Some are happening faster than others, but gradually, all the ties are cut. All the entities are carted off.

There was a bit more that might over complicate things, and then this:

Jesus comes and gives me a hug. He smiles at me.

It is time to wage the war for your country in the secret place and with love and creativity. Focus your attention on the freedom, hope, joy, peace, and love that is spreading. Truth is coming to light, but unless there is love, it will not have the desired effect. Truth must be mixed with love, otherwise it sounds just like all the lies.

That was 2 days ago, then today:

I hear Jesus’ voice behind me: “Speak peace. Speak love.”

After watching the angels deal with entities bound up because of prayers, I saw this:

I see all sorts of similar places on the map. I see more prayers coming, and there are other angels arriving. They are in old fashioned dresses with aprons and bonnets on. I’m reminded of pictures of Susan B Anthony. They pull out needles from their aprons, and start pulling the strands of prayers through the eyes of the needles. The other angels are helping them gather the prayers onto great spools. Some of the angels are sewing the fabric of the nation back together. Others are weaving the fabric back where it is too large a gap to just bring together. More like darning a sock because they are creating more fabric where it was too damaged. At times, they start to run out of prayers, and so the helper angels raise trumpets to their mouths. I can see various people hear that sound, and begin to pray. And the spools begin to fill once more.

Some repairer angels are working deeply under the surface, and I know that they are restoring the foundations. In these cases, I see mason angels, and the prayers are as bricks. Others are rebuilding structures that have been destroyed, and they have “wood” that is made out of prayer as well. The more I look, the more I see a variety of activities going on, but the building material for all is prayer.

So, not only are these prayers what is used to gain the victory, but also to repair the damage that’s been done by those who have sought death and destruction.


Truth must be mixed with love, otherwise it sounds just like all the lies.

Speak peace.

Speak love.