Prophetic Art from The Gathering July 2017

Dinah Rau Prophetic Art The Depths Intuitive Art Abstract


I talked earlier about the prophetic art pieces that I created during the Gathering in Tacoma, WA. You can find that post here. I mentioned that there were 3 other artists and that it was fun to compare the way we worked, and the results. When I asked them if I could mention them and post a link to their pages for that post, they told me some about the pieces that they created. Some of which, I knew from talking to them at the event, but I began to notice that there were some themes running through our work corporately.

Over all, the meanings of our works encouraged entering in and receiving what the Lord had for each participant. Not surprising, as much as confirming to me. You may remember from other posts I’ve written earlier, that I’ve wandered into this realm, I didn’t seek it out, nor have I been trained in prophetic art. I’ve felt that my job as a live worship painter was to release what the Lord was saying, and I’ve done so to the best of my ability. But this time together with these other artists, and the similarity of messages produced through the work excites me to further investigations.

All were experiential in some way. Either the experience of the artist, or a visual representation of the experiences of those engaged in worship. Often both.

3 pieces were painted primarily as an expression of either visions or dreams during the conference. (Click on each photo to be taken to the website of the artist.)

These were an overflow of the sounds of worship. As Edie Reno put it, much more eloquently than I: “The color of the vibrations and chords twining their way through my brush.”

These invite the viewer into a particular experience:

These specifically release Grace:

These speak to and release provision:

And these encourage you to go into the deep places with God:

I wonder if you agree with the descriptions by the artists. I find that often people see things in my work that I hadn’t considered. I find that all very fascinating. God speaks to each of us in such an individual way. Please comment below and let us know what speaks the most to you, what it says, and why!

Also, I believe that most of these works are for sale, and most of us produce prints of our work. There is something amazing that original artworks release into your atmosphere – prints do as well, I think. If you click on the photos of the work, you will be taken to the artists’ website. You can purchase my work here.