How to “See” My Art, Part 2


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As it turns out, having minimal control over the process is a perfect place to be! In that place, I was, and am, able to set aside all my rational thought and logical thinking, and just create. It was in that place, that I discovered the sense of God’s pleasure like never before. He met me there, in the midst of creating. Not at the end, when there was a finished product, but in the mess and the chaos of the process of doing the thing. It was a rather startling revelation, and one that began to transform my view of God and myself.

minicollagemixedmediaalicearleneI would generally listen to music, or podcasts while painting. Mostly, because my hands were busy doing something, I was usually in the same place for a while, and it gave me something to think about. I began to notice that there was a difference in the creative process depending on what I was hearing.

Given my background in biology and chemistry, and the fact that I was involved in research during the acquisition of that degree, it should come as no surprise that I began to experiment. I didn’t do so formally, which I kind of regret now. It would be interesting to have documented what I tried and when and what resulted. But, alas, I have to rely on my memory.

I started to wonder what would happen if I intentionally set out to encounter God while I was painting. If I consciously played the kind of music that spoke to my heart and soul the most while I was working, what would happen? What happened is that I noticed that I began to feel even closer to the Creator as I was creating than I did most any other time. There grew a richness and a depth in our relationship that wasn’t there before, and was reflected in my work.

minicollagemixedmediaalicearlenePlaying worship music seemed to work the best, and I began to wonder if there was a difference in live versus recorded music. Since painting is a rather messy business, or at least I’m quite good at making a big mess, I had to modify my technique a bit. I did a couple of different things. I took a sketch book and colored pencils sometimes, and other times, I took collage materials and thicker glue and did mini collages in my lap. I found that there wasn’t a lot of difference, at least for me, in the creating process wether I was somewhere in person, or listening via webcast or to something otherwise recorded.

About this time, I started hearing about “Prophetic Art”. I understood what they were doing, and what the significance was, but there was a bit of a disconnect in my mind between what I saw, and what I was doing. My work was becoming more abstracted, while most of what I was finding by others was very representational. Surprisingly for me, I was discovering that the process was at least as significant as the final product.

minicollagemixedmediaalicearleneDuring my experimentation, I received several prophetic words related to my artwork. The first ones, I didn’t even know that’s what they were until later. Many I didn’t know what to do with, but I did write them down to see what would happen. Some, I’m beginning to understand and see manifest. But I’m still amazed at the unlikeliness of all of this.

I didn’t start out to become “A Prophetic Artist”. No, I was just playing around in my studio, and following the questions in my head, heart, and spirit. I wonder what would happen if… is a question that’s taken me on many wild adventures.

(Excerpt from my second book.)

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