Springs Prayer Summit 2015

At the end of February, I was able to go and paint during a 50 hour prayer prayer summit at The Springs Fellowship here in Lubbock.  I completed several pieces.  I was not there for the entire time, however!

Streams Summit 2015 Doorupload

This is my favorite piece, I think…..  A door opening to the glory…or new possibilities…..or…..

Streams Summit 2015 vines uploadI enjoy the subtlety of the semitransparent white vines on top of the colorful background…a bit of an inversion.

Streams Summit 2015 Tree upload

The early spring blooms…..

Streams Summit 2015 Streams upload

The waves of spiraling color…..

Streams Summit 2015 Mountains upload

Mountains….this piece was similar to a couple of prophetic words received by members of the church for the event.

Streams Summit 2015 Aspen upload

Aspen in the glory!

I was asked if I get words for the pieces while I’m painting.  Sometimes I do, but usually, I am not in the part of my brain with words…..  I find it more interesting if the piece speaks to the viewer, or if God speaks to the viewer through the piece.

Do any of them speak to you?


2 thoughts on “Springs Prayer Summit 2015”

  1. I think my favorite is the first one also. The blue shimmery image is such an invitation to me. It says, "enter in, adventure is waiting. I'm waiting for you!"

    In some of the other pieces I love how there is an image in the background and then another one almost superimposed on top. It speaks of mystery to me……things not quite hidden but instead are beckoning me in to explore deeper. Like the God, He hides things for us to find. He wants us seeking hidden treasure. I see some of this in these paintings; they are invitations to explore and see what's hidden within each one.

    Just some impressions…………

    1. That’s beautifully written, Ginny. I agree, and one of my hopes is that people are drawn into the piece to explore further, and that this exploration would carry over into their relationship with God and life.

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