Blessing for Transition


I don’t know about you, but the last few months have been a bit of an interesting ride. I’ve been making some progress, but questioning everything where I haven’t seen the progress I thought I should. I began this piece while still in that place of confusion and wondering what was going to happen and if I was really in the right place after all. Jesus and I have had quite a few discussions about that! But, shortly after finishing this piece, I had a huge, confirming breakthrough.

The piece started out somewhat chaotic, but as I worked, and trusted God with the outcome – both of the piece and all the pieces of my life I was questioning – order came. I may perhaps have preferred that there was less of the chaos visible, but I believe that it’s an encouragement to each of us that God is not the author or creator of the chaos, but He is incredibly good at bringing beauty out of that chaos. And that which remains visible serves as a reminder of His faithfulness.

If you, like me, find yourself in a time of transition – no longer where you were, but not quite where you’re going. I hope this piece encourages you that you will make it through to the grace and beauty on the other side. The path may seem somewhat fuzzy at times, but it is clearly marked and all we need do is not give up and hold on to hope for the great and glorious things to come.

Father, I ask that You increase my strength and courage. I ask that You break off the trauma from the chaos or the fear of transition. I cast all of that to the cross of Jesus, and I place His blood between all of it and me, revoking all of its rights to me forever. I decree and declare that You are good, and that You have good things for me. I reject any and all lies that contradict what You have said and I choose to believe Your truth. I choose to believe that I am Your child and that you have given me sufficient strength and courage to make it through this narrow place. That You are with me in this transition, and that You have sent Your angels to surround me and to protect me. I decree and declare that I am coming through this transition with greater peace and trust in You. I will not give up, I will not give in, I will make it through and receive the gifts that You have for me. I will make it through and into the destiny that You created me for. I will make it through and receive all of the breakthrough that You have promised. I thank You for the things I hope for and as yet do not see. I thank You for the things promised for You declare the end from the beginning.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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